YTL Comm The USD$1 Million Challenge

What is this USD 1 Million Challange?

Well, YTL Communication calls it mYprize and it is a global content creation contest for it up coming 4G network devices. As a motivation, they are offering USD 1 Million in prizes for those who can develop creative application and solutions for the need of the consumers.

It states in the website

mYprize challenges developers from across the world to create unique applications, content or devices that highlight the benefits of YTL Communications’ 4G Mobile Internet Network in Malaysia.

Timeline: The timeline for the competition shall be as follows:

Jan 8 – May 1: Submission of entries and community voting
May 2 – June 1: Community voting only; Submissions closed
June: Judging begins
July: First round of judging complete
August: Second round of judging complete
September: Selection of winners

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