YouthSays launches new Groupon clone

It sounds like local chocolate chip cookie brand and it have 2 deals for far, Groupsmore is YouthSays, latest push to monazite its community of survey taking youth.

What is the pitch here?
As the quintessential Groupon clone, it provides its member with special deal of the day, which are usually offered in a steep discount as long as it fulfill the minimun amont of users interested .

How does it work?

This is not the very first Groupon clone. Sites such as are already out for a while. The advantage of YouthSays” effort is the fact they have a huge database of 248,420 youth looking for a bargain or two.

Perhaps the saturation of youth marketing sites or experts, we see how YouthAsia(owner of both Youthsays and Groupsmore) is diversifying from their once cash cow of doing survey and market intelligence for bigger brands such as Nike and Celcom.

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