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First it was YouthMalaysia when it was only Joel Neoh. After it was with Khailee Ng under the company Youth Asia. Together they have organized 2 mega youth oriented events such as Youth 09 and Youth 10 which attracted ten of thousands of youth around Malaysia. Youth Asia then went on to co create SEAChange which is a South East Asia movement of youth. As of last Friday, YouthSays is no more, it is now just We took time to talk to Khailee about the rebranding of one of Malaysia’s more prominent internet brand.

MYE:So what happened? Are you no longer gonna focus on youth?
Khailee: It has been rebranded to The shorter catchier domain name. More importantly, we first started with the idea of doing something relevant and disruptive for this generation. we picked the word youth to help communicate it but soon realized that being young people ourselves, the word ‘youth’ seemed to suggest teens, instead of young adults. the focus is still the same, because malaysia’s population is 65% under the 35 anyway, but giving a more neutral name like makes it easier to accomodate and relate to more people!

MYE:What is the diff between Says and Youthsays?
Khailee: Right now, it’s just a rebranding, but a few new features are in the pipeline.
(Note: There is now session divided into Campus, Young Professional and more recently School)

MYE:Will there be a Youth11?
Khailee: As usual, each year, the festival is heavily dependent on the investment of sponsors . We can’t confirm at this point.

MYE: What will we be expecting to see in the next 6 month.
Khailee: I think malaysia will rain a bit less. There will be more internet penetration. Malaysian will continue to go to shopping malls. Justin beiber’s concert will be a big hit. from our side, I’ll let you know when we’ve got something rolled out. Right now its to really put in the work to make rock.

Check out a video of Khailee explaining the transition.

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