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Stanford Global Innovation Tournament Arrives in Malaysia!

In conjunction with GEW Malaysia, Alpha Catalyst Consulting has teamed up with GEW Malaysia to co-organise the Global Innovation Tournament (GIT), a globally renowned competition, recognised and pioneered by Stanford University.

Global Innovation Tournament in Malaysia
Global Innovation Tournament in Malaysia

The competition, which would be open to all public and private learning institutions is aimed at cultivating the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit among youths in Malaysia, by providing them with a platform for them to create, plan, execute and evaluate on creative ideas and solutions for an industry in the country.

The GIT is a GEW Malaysia signature event, spearheaded by GEW Malaysia’s Innovation Catalyst – Alpha Catalyst Consulting, and mainly supported by GEW Malaysia host, Warisan Global and the GEW Malaysia Youth Catalyst – Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia.

Interested participants may refer to the charts below to begin your journey in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, by being a part of GIT;

For more details please visit —

The Global Innovation Tournament (GIT) is recognised as a GEW Youth Catalyst Signature Youth event, led by GEW Innovation Catalyst – Alpha Catalyst Consulting, GEW Country Host – Warisan Global and GEW Youth Catalyst – Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia.

All students and youths from higher learning institutions are encouraged to participate in the event!

You can also catch the GIT team with Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia on the road at these locations and dates. Book your dates with us!

1) IIUM Gombak(open to public), Saturday 10th October (2:30pm)

2) University Malaya (Open to public), Dewan Perdana 1, Aras Bawah Blok D, Kompleks Perdanasiswa, 13th October (5pm)

GIT Malaysia 2009a.010 (1)

Malaysians Got IDEAS Conference for Entrepreneurs

Global youth organisation, AIESEC in University Technology Malaysia, Johore, will be hosting the first series of the Malaysians Got IDEAS Conference from the 10th to the 11th of October.

AIESEC UTM & presents:

Malaysian Got IDEAs

(10th – 11th October 2009)

Turn your ideas into Reality.

Experience the power of sustainable business.

BE a socially responsible leader.

Help future generations.

Malaysians Got IDEAs is an entrepreneurship unconference first launch by AIESEC in UTM. Creating a better world is simple. All it takes is to make the first step. Malaysians Got IDEAs is about initiating this first step and guiding you on the way to becoming a socially responsible business leader. Together with our sponsor and learning-partner we have created a two-day program giving you all the inspiration, guidance and support in launching your own sustainable business.


What do you benefit from Malaysian Got IDEAs ?

We will bring you through the ‘I’ process: Interest – Inspire – Information – Implementation.

  • Interest – Self discovery! Have a deep understanding in your interest and dreams.   Know    what you want, keep your focus and make it happen!
  • Inspire – Be inspired by great successful entrepreneurs. Learn how  they have managed to combine personal success while positively impacting the local community though our networking session with these                                   young CEOs

  • Information – Malaysians Got IDEAs (MGI), will guide the participants in the process of transforming their ideas into a real enterprise including tips on marketing and finance from the industrial leaders.
  • Implementation – Your businesses ideas will be initiated on MGI & directly integrated into       Malaysia’s most important entrepreneurial online networks, giving it direct   exposure to large base partners and potential customers right from the start.


Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


10th and 11th October 2009


200 participants


Joobaholic and Bursa Malaysia


Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia, GEW Youth Catalyst & & University Technology Malaysia


RM30 without accommodation

RM50 with accommodation

We provide:

Food & beverage



Register in our facebook group:

ALERT: AIESEC UTM is currently looking for young entrepreneurs to be speakers for Malaysians Got IDEAS!

Speakers will be compensated for:

– Travel Expenses

– Lodging will be provided

– Networking with other like-minded entrepreneurs & CEOs

– A recruitment Goldmind to get youths to work in Start-Ups and Businesses.

Contact the Organising Chairperson: Jean Yeoh @ [email protected]

Calling all Speakers in Singapore as well!

Join the AIESEC UTM team and Support Malaysians Got IDEAS!


Morning Business Club for SEGI Students

In The Event of Waking Up Early & Learning Business


Subang Jaya, Selangor, 18th September 2009 – Last Saturday, on 12th September, a new club from SEGi College Subang Jaya had its first ever grand launching ceremony. It was held in SEGi College at the theatre hall.

It started around 10am where we anticipated for the arrival of our guests of honor and other invited participants. Our guests of honor include the CEO of Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd, Mr.Nazrin Hassan, Michael Teoh & Daniel CerVentus from Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia, Elaine Loo and Daniel Y.S.Tan from HCE organization as well as other guests from Money Tree YES teams, Aiden Chew winner of Nescafe Kick-Start Challenge, 15 other SEGI students and 3 lecturers.


Upon the arrival of the guests, we kick start the morning with an opening speech by Ms.Norlinda, our club advisor, followed by a short presentation on the club’s mission & vision from the club president, Alton Chow. Shortly after that, a wonderful performance by Jeremiah James and some speeches from our guests of honor, Michael Teoh, Daniel CerVentus, Aiden Chew & Mr.Nazrin Hassan on their involvement in student organizations back in their university days where Mr.Nazrin quote “True leaders starts from student organizations”.

At the end of the ceremony, all the guests of honour were given a token of appreciation, presented by Ms.Norlinda, Alton Chow, Teoh Cing Ji and Karine Tan. After that, a short ice breaking session took place at 1st floor, where light refreshments were provided, followed by a photographing session. In addition, a workshop session sponsored by Elaine Loo of HCE organization was held too, which started at 1 pm. The workshop was named “Achievement Technology Workshop’’, in accordance to the objectives of the workshop. This workshop would help participants to gain a better insight about the relationship between individual and entrepreneur. Through their activity based and practical experience approach, candidates are better able to grasp the skills required.

Overall, the launching was a great success and we are looking forward for future cooperation with more organizations and individuals for the welfare of students in SEGi College Subang Jaya.


Online Reality Show to Pitch for Funds

‘Angels & Dragons’ Investors Arrive Online in Malaysia!
Angels and Dragons banner

Malaysia Entrepreneurs and sister community, Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia is supporting the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) Malaysia’s flagship event – Angels & Dragons, organised by entrepreneurship-training company, Proficeo.

A competition designed to allow budding entrepreneurs to pitch for funding, via a virtual means of communication, before qualifying to pitch for a sum of RM25,000 in front of a panel of investors in real life during the week of GEW in Malaysia. Spearheaded by Proficeo, while being supported by the Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia (TeAM), the Cradle Investment Programme, MSC Malaysia with supporting communities – Malaysia Entrepreneurs and Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia.

For more details, please log on to

Additional Details to the Challenge:

‘In an effort to make the competition more attractive and accessible to all budding entrepreneurs across Asia, the rules and regulations have been amended. Please refer to the following.

IMPORTANT – Update to Format and Terms of Angels and Dragons Competition

In view of the request by a significant number of fans and member of the public, the organiser has decided to make it easier for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and Companies to participate and use this event as a leverage to build awareness of their businesses and ideas.

Proficeo has decided on 3 changes to the terms of contest and format of the contest:

1. Making it easier for you to get the prize: Contestants in Stage 1 no longer need to organise a campaign using the box.

All they now need to do is to do something value adding or creative to the box and shoot a 1 minute video about it and upload it at YouTube and linked it to our site via the submission form when you login. Remember to sign up first.

2. The category of business or ideas for business is now OPEN.

The specific categories has been removed. The organiser hopes to provide opportunities for every entrepreneurs to have a go at the prize. So long as you have a Company or you are passionate about your ideas, we love to hear from you. You can be about opening up a photography shop, a software company, a restaurant, it’s your passion. So come show it to us.

3. Angel Investment money acceptance is now optional without forfeiting your participation or if you win, without forfeiting your Winner status.

4. New dates for the competition:

Registration Closing Date: 21st October 2009
Stage 1: Think ‘BOX’ Challenge – 24th August to 23rd October 2009
Stage 2: ‘Elevator Pitch’ Challenge – 24th October 2009 to 16th November 2009
Stage 3: ‘Go All Out’ Challenge @ GEW – 21st November 2009 (Location to be announced

We hope that this important changes will continue to spur your Entrepreneurship Spirit!

Join up now and take up the ‘easy’ challenge!

Angels and Dragons Supporters

Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia For SEAChange


Our sister community, Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia, the Youth Catalyst for the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Malaysia collaborated with regional youth community leader – Youth Asia, in empowering and gathering more youths to join the SEAforCHANGE initiative. The SEAfor CHANGE initiative, which is a project to bring the collective voices of 1 million youths across South East Asia to voice out their thoughts for Change would also culminate to the Youth Engagement Summit in Kuala Lumpur.
The SEAforCHANGE and the Youth Engagement Summit will be featured as a GEW Youth Catalyst Signature event in Malaysia this year.

‘The voices of the next generation of leaders can be heard through such a platform. Hence, we need enterprising youths who can seize this opportunity to be a part of this moment,’ add Michael Teoh, the Co-Founder of Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia during the Press Conference.

The Youth Engagement Summit Press Conference was held yesterday at the Sime Darby Convention Centre, where top executive leaders from main sponsor, AirAsia, Media Prima, the organizing partners and the American Ambassador to Malaysia were all present.


The 2-days regional summit to be held from the 16th to the 17 of November will provide youths with the opportunity to meet big names in the youth industry, like Biz Stone, the Co-Founder of Twitter, Randi Zuckenberg, the Marketing Director of Facebook, Sir Bob Geldof, the Founder of LiveAid and Malaysia’s own entrepreneur – Dato’ Seri Tony Fernandes.

Youths can win tickets to the event by doing and sharing the survey on SEAforCHANGE and they stand a chance to win a free trip to the Youth Engagement Summit (YES) 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, including flights, hotel stay, and summit pass worth up to USD2,500. Via the survey, youths are then invited to log into a forum to discuss their goals for personal change, and network with other youths who shares the same goals.
‘This is truly a move by our partner, Youth Asia to engage the youths and empowering their voices at the grassroots through the web. And we at YEM are proud to support this movement with our community partners,’ add Michael Teoh, who is also an advocate for youth empowerment.

Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia as the Youth Catalyst for GEW will contribute to the SEAforCHANGE initiative by connecting youth groups in universities, colleges and communities in stating their thoughts and voices at

SEAforCHANGE is proudly supported by GEW Youth Catalyst, Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia together with other community partners like AIESEC, SIFE and various universities and colleges throughout Asia.