Founder of Youth Jam and Malaysia's Top Young Entrepreneur - Jazz Tan

Youth Jam – Malaysia’s Largest Youth Carnival Plays Host to National Entrepreneurs Competition

Organised for the 4th year running by one of Malaysia’s emerging young entrepreneurs, Youth Jam! 2012 would play host to a national entrepreneurship competition, first to be held in Penang Times Square on the 7th of July. The brainchild of Joel Thum, an aspiring young entrepreneur and community organisers, who has teamed up with Jazz Tan, the founder of Youth Jam!’s mega youth carnivals is set to bring out the Entrepreneurial spirit among young Malaysians especially students. 

The Young Entrepreneurs Competition would provide a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially from Young Entrepreneurs Clubs of universities, colleges and high schools to pit their entrepreneurial skills to the test. According to the organisers, Joel Thum and Jazz Tan, the competition would provide a practical platform for entrepreneurs to pitch their products and immediately sell them to the crowd who would be gathered to celebrate the largest Youth Carnival in the country on the 7th of July.

Teams are required to register themselves at Youth Jam!’s official website and be recommended to start launching campaigns and spreading the words of their enterprises or micro ventures being present on that day. Young entrepreneurs can form teams up to 5 people registered through the website, and they would be given a free booth, courtesy of (The official youth company behind Malaysia’s largest youth carnival and a venture founded by Jazz Tan).

Rules and Regulations to be involved with this fair is clearly shown here.

Based on the records set by the organisers of Youth Jam!, this year 2012 edition is expected to draw in at least 30,000 strong crowd to their Penang function, which will be held in Times Square on the 7th of July. The event will also coincide with the celebrations of Penang World Heritage Day, a month long celebration which would see international tourists gathering to visit Penang where many cultural activities have been provided by the state government. is also proud to be the Supporting Partner for Youth Jam’s National Entrepreneurs Competition, where exclusive for the winning entrepreneurs and their ventures of the competition will be covered by

According to Joel Thum again, as the lead-organiser, he hopes that such an opportunity would give the youths an opportunity to learn about marketing and selling their ideas, products and services to real life customers gathered during that day. He also hopes that the business sector and governments would pay more attention to provide more support especially to spur more young people to be entrepreneurs.