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Young Start-Up Entrepreneurs in Malaysia Start with the Right Business Mindset

Series #1 Young & Bold: We take a look behind the young entrepreneurial journeys of Kevin and Nicholas, two start-up entrepreneurs from Penang, who are in the midst of launching two ventures in the coming months. However, this is a pivotal period for them as they share about the Right Business Mindset that Young Entrepreneurs should have and learn from renowned icons, and some of which can be your own parents too. 

My business partner Kevin and I are young entrepreneurs from Penang that are currently working on 2 business ventures. Being a young entrepreneur is never easy and I always have my friends asking me how I manage to dig deep and overcome the various obstacles I face every day. To be honest, it’s my inspirations and aspirations that keep me going every day, especially these four inspirational quotes that I keep close to my heart.

“Ultimate Excellence lies not in Winning every Battle, But in Defeating the Enemy Without ever Fighting” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War

I know this is more of a strategy than an inspiration, but this quote serves to remind me that conflict is never beneficial and avoiding it altogether in achieving your victory is more ideal. The Art of War has many more inspirational strategies in it but this is one I remember the most due to its implications in my life.

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” – the late Steve Jobs

This quote is special because Steve Jobs was the one person that I truly admired in my life. “Stay hungry, stay foolish” has become my way of life, making sure I constantly strive for success and improve myself every step of the way. It has inspired me immensely during my start-up journey as a young entrepreneur because it is never easy walking down the path of an entrepreneur and if I did not constantly maintain the hunger to move forward and to make sure I improve myself, there’s no way I could be walking down the path I am today.

Read up on Steve Job’s Stanford University Commencement speech here

“If you’re going to think anyway, think big” – Donald Trump

Thinking big is something I believe every entrepreneur out there has been forced to do sometime in their lives. After all, one cannot achieve big things if one always stays in one’s comfort zone. I was forced to learn this lesson the hard way, through many failures and hardship in my life. But after truly understanding it, I can say without a doubt that thinking big is the very first and most important piece of the entrepreneurial mindset.

“This world does not owe you a living” – Theng Kah Nyean

This is something my Dad drilled into me ever since I was a young boy and hence has always been very personal to me.  My Dad always reminded me that the world does not owe me anything; it was either I fight and strive for what I want, or pray hard that the world decides to treat me well. He would always ask me which path I preferred, but needless to say, I did not understand the true meaning behind this lesson till I began to grow up. No one in this world can look out for your well-being better than yourself and that is why one has to strive as hard as he or she can to get what they wants because no one else will do it on their behalf. This is the way of the world, as sad as it sounds.

Inspirations like these play a big part of my life and I know it does so too in a lot of people out there. It is always good to have a lot of inspirations in your life, because it is them who can inspire to move forward and make sure you achieve things that were bigger than you ever thought possible!

So, if you are yet to discover your inspiration in life, what are you waiting for? Share with us your figures and quotes who have inspired you to take action in your life!