Young Entrepreneurs to Revive Pixel Marketing Trend for Businesses and Brands in Penang

Penang 27th April 2012 – Penang has always been a buzzing and lively city. With great food, great tourist hotspots and amazing weather, Penang has carved a myth of its own. Yet there’s another fast-growing side of Penang – Young Entrepreneurs. This year, four 19 year-old student entrepreneurs have taken the initiative to help Penang build a beautiful identity of its own in the eyes of the world. This venture of theirs is called

‘Project B’, the pixel marketing page of, is a unique initiative to showcase a bigger picture of Penang. Whereas there have been many projects and blogs writing about food and hotspots, this initiative showcases one long established yet little known side of it, Penang’s brands.

“I see a group of youth with passion and vigor, who dare to dream and believe that everything is possible. They have come together and made Penang come alive. allows people to discover Penang with just a click, bringing the Pearl of the Orient closer to all. We hope both these youth and Penang will continue to grow and bring hope and joy to more.” Said Annie Choo, Managing Director of Nova Mulia Development, one of the early adopters of Project “B” is the content site comprising of 3 key sections: Hot food, Hot places and Hot deals. With bloggers contributing articles on the hottest food and places in Penang, one can expect very well-detailed reviews and eye-catching pictures. will also showcase all the hottest deals in Penang, gathered exclusively from all group buying sites around the internet.

Jeff Ooi, Chief of Staff to the Chief Minister of Penang was there to officiate the launching of and he had this to say: “I am very happy to see that the young entrepreneur scene in Penang is up and coming. It is always a good sign when young people are very passionate about contributing back to society and building a name for Penang. I am very proud to launch and I hope more young people will take up the initiative to do what these young student entrepreneurs have done.”

Please visit their website at and indulge yourself in all the delights of Penang, the Pearl of the Orient.


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If you have a Penang brand and would like to take part in “Project B” or a blogger who would like to contribute content to “”, please leave them an email at [email protected]

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Special thanks from to Kevin Ang and Nicholas Theng who are our resident young entrepreneurs, sharing their experiences of working on the launch of this startup. From the entire team here, we wish the AwesomePenang team all the very best in their ventures and that, from now onwards, they will also contribute their experiences and stories in their entrepreneurial pursuits.