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You Will Never Work Alone

No, this is not a Liverpool thing. As budding entrepreneur, maintaing an office space can be a real hassle. Not to mention the high cost of running an office. It do not make if your company is you alone. Maybe you and your partners work in cafes like Starbucks or Old Town, but would it be cool to meet other people and cowork? We caught up with founder of Malaysia’s mobile office advocate Ikhwan Nazri to talk more about what is the fuss with coworking.

MYE: What is CoWorking?
Ikhwan: Co-working is different people from different company sharing same space to work. They may chat like normal officemates do.

MYE: Does it mean working together in the same project?
Ikhwan: Not necessarily. we may work on totally different things. It’s just we share the table that we put our laptop, or coffee on.

MYE: Where do you all normally cowork?
Ikhwan: We mostly, cowork in cafe, library and anywhere you can get internet and power socket.
We are planning a co working session this 12 of January. It will be in Paper + Toast which is located in heart of Kuala Lumpur.
If you are interest, to join me, you can message me on Twitter @tekong.

For more ideas on coworking or where are the great places you can do that, do visit Ikhwan’s pet project,

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