YEP – Young Entrepreneurship Programme

There are so many university courses out there today – mostly focused on academic qualifications and classroom learning. That’s well and good if you are a book-worm but if you’ve ever thought to yourself “theory is great but how do I use this in the real world?”, then the Young Entrepreneurship Programme (YEP) may be for youYEP is a special 18-month programme designed for kids after SPM, who want to pursue a career in entrepreneurship instead of the traditional university education. This programme has a hands-on practical approach to learning which ensures that you graduate only when you have your own business and have good revenue from the venture.

Research has proven that people learn best by doing. The YEP approach to learning is based on a 70-20-10 model, which ensures that 70% of learning is experiential, 20% based on role modeling & networking and the final 10% of learning classroom based.

YEP Timeline

YEP highlights include modules like Boot Camp, CEO Round Table, Field Trips, Community Drive, Readers for Leaders, Make or Break, Entrepreneurial Minds, Practical Practice Programme modules and numerous other modules which include interaction with notable leaders such as Tony Fernandez of AirAsia, Roshan Thiran and other captains of industry and entrepreneurship.

For Boot Camp, you will go off site for a few days and get deep immersion into essential personal and business skills. CEO Round Table is where you interact with key business leaders and get first-hand knowledge and experiences from their success stories. In the Field Trips module, you will visit businesses to gain insights of its underlying fundamentals, as well as, understand the challenges and complexity of running a business. Community Drive seeks to cultivate social entrepreneurship and teaches you to create something from nothing. In Readers For Leaders, we build your foundation of learning and connect you with leading edge and battle-tested innovations practices. Make Or Break teaches you to focus and analyze successes and failures of Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and SMEs through case studies. Entrepreneurial Minds throws you into creative business labs and think-tanks. Practical Practice Programme teaches you how to work in different environments and compete in teams and develop the right skills and mindset. And best of all, there are no exams!

Mastery Modules

YEP also provides selected mastery courses focused on 4 essential areas of Mastery: Leadership, Business, Functional and Personal Mastery. Personal mastery enhances your personal skills through discovery of your natural abilities and strengths and how best to leverage these in your new business ventures. Business mastery exposes you to business specific issues such as strategy, financial management, and driving processes and change. Leadership mastery gives you the ability to inspire others and develop your decision making ability. Lastly, functional mastery equips you with field-specific technical skills to build you into a competent leader and entrepreneur .

Summary of YEP

If you want to embark on a wonderful journey that changes your life and provides you with knowledge, skills and motivation to become a successful entrepreneur, YEP is definitely for you. Jack Welch, the most famous CEO of the 20th century said “Control your destiny or someone else will”. YEP is a way for you to chart your entrepreneurial future.

YEP is a programme in the School of Entrepreneurship in Scuola Superiore Leaderononics, a new learning institute of ‘hard knocks’. To learn more about the YEP course and Scuola Superiore, you can visit or email/contact [email protected] or call +60128733755. First intake May 5th, 2009 and only limited places available so register quickly!

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