Win S$100000 for Mobile App for Tablet

Steve Jobs says 2011 is the Year of the Tablet when he presented the world with the brand new ipad2. He is spot on as we are now in the middle of 2011,tablets seem pop out everywhere. Even my dad who is not into technology asked me about the ipad2 and that just shows the tablet has finally arrived. Although being pushed by Microsoft with its tablet and stylus platform, the modern tablet which uses only your fingers and gesture for navigation has greater avantage because of the each of use of these devices. As we progress future , there will be more and more enterprise usages of tablet with BlackBerry showing off its PlayBook(not a very business name for the first enterprise class tablet). With all these, there is a great opportunity for developers to ride this trend.

Looking at this trend, SingTel is organizing i.Challenge11 – The Tablet Enterprise, a competition to showcase your ideas and applications. The competition is looking for tablet-friendly, enterprise-centric mobile applications that can help businesses in 6 key areas. Be ready to submit your application, prototype or even an idea that falls into the competition categories.

There will be up to 12 finalists will be selected and awarded SGD1,000 and up to 4 winners will walk away with SGD$20,000 for
each winning entry. There is not only SGD100,000 cash prize to be won, but we are also ready to Go-To-Market with
the winning ideas!

Singtel have also lined up 2 training sessions for you to learn from the experts on how you can create the winning app
that will change businesses. Seats are limited and registration is based on first-come-first-served basis. Find out more
from their website at

Accordint to the site,The 6 categories are:

In and Out of Office
In a company, the mobile workforce is always on the move to acquire new accounts and support existing customers. It is difficult to track progresses and manage company resources.

We are looking for innovations that will enhance the experience of going “in and out of office”, more seamless, easy to adopt, and impressive to customers.

Asian Business Traveller
Employees who work in MNCs may have to travel frequently. It has never been easy to manage the cost of staying connected while keeping the productivity level high during these overseas trips.

We are looking for innovations to help the “Asian Business Traveller” increase cost transparency, improve productivity, and make every minute overseas count.

Data Driven Enterprise
Why guess when there’s fact? Companies are increasingly looking to make sense of the deluge of information found online or within the enterprise, so that they can make more informed business decisions.

We are looking for innovations to help the “Data Driven Enterprise”, using data to find new customers, uncover business risks and hone new product features.

The Business Exchange
Engaging your customers, suppliers and partners is limited to the trading hours every day. Can we help businesses stay connected with their counterparts, to build engaging and mutually trusted business relationships?

We are looking for innovations that facilitate “The Business Exchange”, helping companies exchange opportunities, surface and close sales / partnership leads.

Office on the Move
Higher rents in Singapore and globalisation of the work force has created a large number of SOHO companies, where employees can work anywhere that has an Internet connection.

We are looking for innovations to help businesses with “Office on the Move”, that allows employees to collaborate wherever they are.

The Mobile Agent
With the increasing trend in start-ups and entrepreneurs, it is important to stay ahead of competition by looking for interesting ways to engage, sell and support their customers.

We are looking for innovations for the “Mobile Agent”, apps that enable end-to-end capabilities of individuals or teams of independent business owners.

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