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Wilson in Washington: 6 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Profit from a Meaningful Social Media Campaign

Wilson Beh uncovers the 6 most important tips that entrepreneurs must know to make a meaningful and profitable social media campaign to produce their products, services or even causes for NGOs. Social media has become an integrated part in many people’s lives as Wilson would demonstrate through his participation at the Clinton Global Initiative in Washington this year. 

Later, I went to the skill session on “How to Create Buzz: Using Social Media to Market Your Cause” by two exceptional speakers none other but Brian Dresher , the Vice President of Mashable and Samuel Graham-Felsen, Chief Blogger of Obama Presidential Campaign in 2008.

Mashable is the largest independent news source for digital culture, social media and technology with more than 20 millions visitors monthly.

Barack Obama was not that famous before 2008 and the internet was so crowded – how did the campaign team put him on the map?

Brian Dresher and Samuel Graham-Felsen shared their ideas and successful practices with the 50 student leaders in the classroom. Let me summarize them in point forms:-

  1. A good blog post must be authentic, story-telling, lightening – you have to believe in what you write and do not overdo it.
  2. Simplicity matters in your website – think of your iPhone, it has just 1 button. Remember, it is not just about you, it is about them, your audience.
  3. Reach your niche market by becoming a leader in your field. Always be a little more crazy, creative and interactive to create the buzz.
  4. Be friendly, be helpful, and be human in social media.
  5. Make your tweet easy to be re-tweeted – 120 is the new 140 words.
  6. There is no such thing as too many posts – only if you have nothing to say and you still say it.