Mobile marketing

Why Mobile Apps is the Future for Engaging Loyal and Responsive Customers for Entrepreneurs

With the emergence of the digital consumer, where purchases, promotions and spread of messages are now done via mobile applications, it is only relevant that businesses and entrepreneurs start to focus on engaging their customers via mobile apps and the internet. However, for any entrepreneur to make an informed decision, there needs to be a study of the growing trend of the digital consumer market.

If you are considering whether your business should explore having a mobile app strategy, this infographic may give you a simple indicative guide on consumer perception, buying behavior, and  frequency of usage of mobile apps.  Data was gathered for a ‘Mobile Apps Consumer Survey’ which was conducted by analytics firm ClickFox.

This means a lot especially due to the current growth rate of mobile apps in the market, with the 2 major leaders competing neck-to-neck. In recent 2012 Google Android App Marketplace just surpassed the 400,000 apps mark, reaching close to Apple’s App Store which currently has a total of approximately 500,000 apps.

This is indeed a growing trend, for businesses and entrepreneurs to seriously consider designing interactive programme and apps to engage the customers.