Which should Startup Entrepreneurs Choose? Serviced Office or Virtual Office

If you are a small and growing company, you may not need a big office. You may not even need an office at all if you are mostly on the road. However, while working from home is cost-effective, it sometimes is not the most efficient way to get your growing company of the ground.A virtual office allows you to use a prestigious business address and the use of meeting rooms as and when required. Some providers give you hot-desk facilities, so that you actually have a place to work whenever you don’t want to work from home. They are great if you are an entrepreneur without partner or employees, and spend most of your time meeting with other people at their premises or at restaurants / coffee shops.

A virtual office is also the ideal solution if you want to expand your existing business into a new location or country, so you can start off with an address and a local phone number and only use physical office space as the demand of your products or services rises in the new location.

Once your company has expanded beyond yourself, and you either have a partner joining you in your venture, or hired your employee No 1, then you should consider a serviced office. A serviced office is a fully furnished office space within a business center. The rental for serviced offices is usually all inclusive (i.e. inclusive electricity, aircon, etc), so you only pay a monthly fee.

With this in mind, here are 5 advantages of a serviced office over a virtual office:

  • 24/7 access to your office space. A virtual office you can usually only Man använder sig också utav Net Entertainments kasino mjukvara där du kan spela spelautomater som Mega Fortune, Frankenstein eller varför inte Gonzos Quest? Varje programpaket från Paf koncernen verkar främst på engelska och finns tillgängliga via nedladdning eller spela direkt. access during working hours, whereas you will have an access key for your serviced office allowing you to enter your office whenever you want.
  • Storage possibility. A serviced office is “your” office, so you can keep your documents, laptops, or other items in the office.
  • Privacy. you have a partner / employee you need to discuss many company related matters, some of which you may not want other people to overhear. Having a private office takes care of that.
  • Corporate Branding. Some business centers will let you decorate your office in whatever way you want, and even paint the walls. Just be sure to clarify with the center first and adhere to the individual policy of the center.
  • Mind-set. Some people can work from home just fine. For many others it is very beneficial to be able to “leave the house and go to work”. In such instances the additional cost for having a serviced office instead of a virtual office may be outweighed by the advantages of working more productively.

In the end it will come to personal preference and what works for you best. If you are a single-person company, you will most probably be ok with a virtual office. Once your company grows, a serviced office is the next logical step for businesses with 2 to 10 employees.