What Success Really Is for Entrepreneurs and Startups?

I have had the opportunity to be doing business in a few countries. Meeting people from different background and different culture allow me to have a sense of discovery. I love the way people talk about success. One of the things that I usually ask the people that I meet is about their personal definition of success. To my surprise I ended up with different answers.

Some people feel that fame is success. Some said that success is when they can travel around the world. Some feel like if they have some branded cars or big houses they are successful. Success means being able to give back to the community for some. Some people told me if they have A Million dollar in their bank account is the meaning of success. The list goes on and on and on.

I realized that through all these diverse and broad answers, the definition of success becomes more and more vague. Some says that the first thing to do to achieve something that you want is to become crystal clear about what exactly do you want. The problem I had was, all these answers people that I met gave me sound brilliant. Why would anyone not want to have a nice set of wheels or a big house or a million dollar and at the same time all they do is travel around the world?

This problem became bigger when I started feeling overwhelmed by all the things that I want. When this happened I lost my motivation to move on and that’s probably the worst thing to happen to an entrepreneur.

A few years ago while doing business in Vietnam, I started connecting the dots to all these different answers to find a common denominator. Then it hit me, what we all really want (well at least this is true for me) is feelings. I don’t really want a branded car. I want the feeling that owning a branded car gives me. I don’t really want one million dollar, all I want is the feeling that I can get when I have a million dollar in my bank. I think you get what I am trying to say here.

So if we want is feeling, and we control our feeling. I figured the best way to be successful is to begin feeling successful. The best thing about that would be to have all these feelings it is absolutely free. Isn’t that great? Well not really. When business is not doing well and when things are not going to plan. When you are constantly checking your bank account to see if an extra zero could magically appear, it is not really easy.

Today, this is the definition that keeps me going. Success is a journey. I realized that all you need to do to be successful is to keep the journey going. Keep on moving every time you are down. Getting back on your two feet and starting that business again when you have butterflies in your guts. Picking up that phone another time when you just got rejected from your previous cold calls. These small events are what I define as success. I do belief that the hardest person to beat is someone who keeps on bouncing back every time he/she is down. Well at least for me, that’s what success is.