What is entrepreneurship? The Global Entrepreneurship Congress to answer the entrepreneur definition

Is entrepreneurship a profession? A lifestyle? A career? A job? Or a risk-taking feat by individuals? The Global Entrepreneurship Congress now held in Liverpool England on the 13th of March aims to answer that very question; ‘What is Entrepreneurship?’ and to answer the Entrepreneur Definition.

I am currently in Liverpool, just days before the summit, held at the largest arena here, the Liverpool Echo Arena which is set to inspire a slowing Europe region and the rest of the world, to believe in entrepreneurship again as an answer to save the world from the economic crises that it is facing now. Attending networking events, having chats with entrepreneurs and meeting the organisers is now part of my daily routine as last minute preparations are being done for the event.

We will be hearing from renowned and famous entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson of Virgin, to corporate entrepreneur and former CEO of TESCO shopping giant Sir Terry Leahy, to Dragon’s Den investor Dough Richards, to even CEOs and corporate leaders of various companies who will answer the question of ‘What is entrepreneurship’?

Well, i was recommended to watch this short video from the New York Entrepreneurship Week, awhile back, where a collection of thoughts from early start-up entrepreneurs give us the definition – What is entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneur definition.

The Global Entrepreneurship Congress is presented by Liverpool Vision, Liverpool city’s economic development agency together with the Kauffman Foundation who organises the annual Global Entrepreneurship Week in November.