WebCamp #2

This is the second WebCamp in KL.

What is WebCamp?
WebCamp is a (usually) free event in the spirit of BarCamp.
Events will have a theme that is web-related, and may be semi-structured (some talks, some discussion sessions).

As stated by the organizers?

Open discussions. Still building momentum. Inviting the group for presentations, and feedback on how to improve WebCamp for Malaysian web heads. Email me ([email protected]) if you would like to present something so that can schedule.

This is a bring your own cookies event. :)
Wuhan will provide milk and some cookies. So feel free to bring your favorite cookies to share.

These are the presenters so far:

1. Juan Martitegui, COO of MindValley LC. — Un-Design: Designing for Money and Action.
2. Hani Khaursar, Mistress of — TBA
3. Pavel Timofeev, Application Developer — How to Create an Awesome Social Network with Ruby On Rails.
4. Tristan Gomez, Web Developer — Applying “Shuhari” to Learning Web Development.
5. Praburaajan, System Administrator — State of ICT Security in
6. Wu Han, Design Chief — Something something something… Design.

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