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Web 2.0 Expo New York Startup Showcase

Web 2.0 Expo is the place to track the trends on what is going on in the web world and they are having their first ever Startup Showcase to highlight new and upcoming companies. It might cost you a ticket and accommodation but if you have the right stuff in your start up this might be a “make it a break it” situation.

Submit your company to participate—deadline is August 2

This year at Web 2.0 Expo, we’re hosting our first ever Startup Showcase. Highlighting the startup ecosystem’s creativity and variety, the Showcase will give you a chance to get in front of hundreds of potential users and a couple of high-profile investors. On Wednesday night, September 29, we’re going to have approximately 30 startups demoing in one large room. We’ll provide you with a small table and room for two people to demo—you’ll bring a laptop (or two) and a founder (or two).

Expo attendees will have 50 minutes to see your demos (we’ll sound a chime every five minutes, letting people know it’s time to circulate). As they walk around, attendees will vote on their favorite demos. At the end of the hour, Tim O’Reilly (O’Reilly Media Inc.) and Fred Wilson (Union Square Ventures) will each announce their top pick along with the audience favorite. These three startups will then each give a pitch and have an on-stage conversation with Tim and Fred.

How do you qualify to participate? We’re looking for:

relatively young startups that aren’t drowning in investment (yet)
companies in all technology areas: hardware, software, B2B, B2C, mobile (just to name the most obvious categories)
If selected:

you’ll supply your own laptop for the demos (we won’t provide power, so we recommend bringing two laptops)
you’ll bring a maximum of two people (at least one of whom must be a founder or C-level equivalent)
the week prior to the event, you’ll supply us with a presentation of 2-4 slides that includes screenshots for your onstage pitch in case you are selected by Tim and Fred

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