Virtual Team Collaboration Software from Canada to Change How Start-Ups Work

Oogwave.com, a web based team collaboration product enables start-up, small and medium enterprises to take their productivity to the next level with broad array of office productivity applications and services with powerful collaboration and communication features. From generating and sharing content, Oogwave empowers users to coordinate campaigns or events, store and share files or track status on the tasks or reports.

Oogwave is a free service that lets you work better together with your team, by letting you bring all your work information, files, discussions and plans to a single place and allows you to share and work together easily with your team, department or company colleagues. Oogwave also makes it easy to access your key work information on the move from any computer, mobile and tablets. And you never have to worry about if your personal computer or company server melts down, since everything is securely stored on the Oogwave servers and accessible from Oogwave website.

Oogwave platform is designed to grow with an organization, from a handful of users in one location to hundreds of users in multiple locations around the world, can work, collaborate, share and discuss together in better ways. To simplify application and user management, Oogwave feature a single administration option that supports a single as well as multiple locations to multiple manage users and work groups accounts.

Other noteworthy features of Oogwave include multiple levels of security, including SSL; online support; remote back-up; and data storage management.

“At one level, our customers want quality apps that are easy to use and improve their overall productivity. But they also need management, security, back-up, and other features. With Oogwave, we’re delivering those features in order to remove as many barriers as possible to working online in a secure and hassle free environment”, said Peter Smith, product director, Oogwave.

Oogwave is currently available in 9 languages and free of any license cost for unlimited workgroup and space and can be accessed at: www.oogwave.com

### Special Thanks to Our Special Start-Up Contributor from Canada ###

About Oogwave Inc

Oogwave, Inc., founded in 2011, headquartered in Toronto Canada, provides cloud enterprise collaboration platform service as oogwave.com, a new way to engage colleagues, partners and friends. Oogwave combines the power of collaboration software, communication software and social networking into a single integrated platform but keeping it all restricted into private groups. Just as social technologies have changed our personal lives, Oogwave is changing how businesses create competitive advantage.