Venture Capital Funds for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups in Asia

Having a business means having a sustainable flow of cash to grow the business during the present and future days. Aside from reinvested profits, entrepreneurs may opt for venture capital funds to grow their businesses and to some, to have a relationship with investors to act as mentors. This is seemingly popular for entrepreneurs in Asia.

In Asia, most of the Venture Capital firms and funds seem to be gearing their investments towards the Green Technology sector, as evidenced through new funds being set up in the region to encourage entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions for environmental conservation. For one example, the Asian Development Bank has set up a USD $60 million to be put into 3 Venture Capital Funds for clean-technology start-ups in Asia. There is a long list of initiatives that they are supporting in getting more entrepreneurs, especially those with scientific backgrounds and support, to invest their ideas into clean technology businesses as shown here.

Another powerful resource for Asia entrepreneurs is to know Where to look for Venture Capital investors and firms which may not be as heavily advertised as loans from banks. Here is a directory listing of Venture Capital Firms in Asia which are all constantly looking for new ventures to invest in. Have a look here.

After much research, Stanford University’s Business School presented a report about the outlook of Venture Capital funds in Asia and its growth potentials to fund more initiatives by Asian entrepreneurs especially in the different fields of Green Technology, New Innovations and Start-Ups. This is a very detailed look of the Venture Capital investment landscape in Asia and we thought, it should be a compulsory reading for any entrepreneurs looking for investments here.

In general, it looks like with the boom on technology progress in the major emerging Asian economies like China and India would have sustained the interest of firms, banks and wealthy businessmen to set up Venture Capital Funds in Asia, to tap into the potential of creating highly profitable ventures. As entrepreneurs seeking for funding, networking is key and getting their businesses exposed throughout the region is crucial to gauge the interest of Venture Capitalists and firms to invest.