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Using Your Nexus S for Co-working

You been down the road before. Either using your laptop in a cafe or ipad in a restaurant, co-working out of office seem to be a trend among savvy road warriors. Most places around Malaysia would have the 2 major criteria for your mobile office, power supply and wireless internet. However there could be some places where Internet may be hard to come by.

Enter the Android phone with version 2.2 and above. Ever since Froyo, the code name for Android 2.2, you can enable wireless hotspot for you and your co-worker to use.

Wireless hotspot enables you to turn your phone into an access point where notebooks and ipad can connect via wifi. The phone will use your 3G connection to connect those devices to the internet. The wireless hotspot for the Nexus S can support up to 4 devices but it also significantly slows down the connection and reduce the battery level.

To set up Wi-Fi Hotspot on Nexus S for the first time.

-From any Home screen, tap Menu > Settings > Wireless & Networks > Tethering & Portable Hotspot
-Tap the Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot option to populate the check box and enable the feature
-Tap Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot Settings for further configuration
-Tap Configure Wi-Fi Hotspot
-If desired, enter a custom Network SSID
-Tap the Security dropdown to toggle Open and WPA2 PSK

Image from Office Kami
It is good to share internet

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