Najib Vs Anwar

Using Sentiment Analysis For The Malaysia General Election

Note 4pm: We did an updated hourly analysis of the election day data here.

We recently did a sentiment analysis with JamiQ on the upcoming Malaysia General Election and try to figure out what the internet thinks about the parties and leaders in this upcoming election. Using technology to monitor the internet sentiment analysis is a wonderful tool which analyze posting on the internet to figure out their influence and also sentiment.

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With this, we can figure out how positive or negative the people feel about a particular topic and hopefully make a prediction on the results of the 13th Malaysia General Election.

According to wikipedia

Sentiment analysis or opinion mining refers to the application of natural language processing, computational linguistics, and text analytics to identify and extract subjective information in source materials.
Generally speaking, sentiment analysis aims to determine the attitude of a speaker or a writer with respect to some topic or the overall contextual polarity of a document. The attitude may be his or her judgment or evaluation (see appraisal theory), affective state (that is to say, the emotional state of the author when writing), or the intended emotional communication (that is to say, the emotional effect the author wishes to have on the reader).

Note: All these are 30 days data from the time of publishing.

Najib Razak
Najib Razak Sentiment GE13
Najib Razak Sentment GE13

Anwar Ibrahim
Anwar Ibrahim GE13
Anwar Ibrahim GE13

Pakatan Rakyat
Pakatan Rakyat GE13
Pakatan Rakyat 2 GE13

Barisan National
Barisan National GE13
Barisan National GE13

And the conclusion

Barisan National has an average of 64.4% positive rating as compare to Pakatan 56.8 % positive per entry.

As for Anwar Ibrahim, he as an average of 46.8 % positive post compare to Najib Razak with 60.3 % positive per entry.

It seem with the available data online from the past 30 days, Barisan National and Najib Razak will retain control of the country although it is a very close fight. However, these are only data available online and not all Malaysians are online so results may vary. Let us know your thoughts about these data on the upcoming Malaysia General Election and happy voting!

Thank you to JamiQ for crunching the numbers for us.