Unreasonable Way of Getting Funding

Funding is a crucial part of realizing your ideas. You can either fund the idea yourself or get external fundings from various sources.

Unreason.my is a movement created by a bunch of young entrepreneurs in Malaysia to create solutions to their day to day frustration. Basically it is a crowded sourced funding for ideas.

According to the site, this is how Unreason will work

1. Think of THE one thing that you’re seriously peeved off with.

2. Now come up with an IDEA that you think may solve the problem. It’s OK if you don’t have the skills to implement it. It’s OK if you don’t have the funds for it. It’s OK even if you don’t know how to get started!

3. UnReason will collect 100 of these ideas, and everybody has a chance to vote for ideas that they like on the website.

4. People can contribute USD 2 to ideas they like. Once an idea reaches its funding goal, the project owner executes his solution.

5. Success! We track the impact of this solution on the problem.

What are some of the ideas?

The Haze Runner
An avid runner who is frustrated about the Haze in Malaysia and decides to film a documentary that gives an unbiased view about the haze issue.

Malaysia Crimes
Kegan who wantes to create a web application where people can be alerted about crimes in their neighborhood.

If you like UnReason and do not have an idea, here are two ways you can contribute now.

1. You can sign up at www.unreason.my and pledge and support the ideas that you think are worthy.

2. UnReason will be at UrekaWeekend this 3rd to 5th July 2009 and join the groups who are working on the idea if you think you have more to contribute.

Note: UrekaWeekend and UnReason are both initiative from Malaysia Entrepreneurs and its partners in respective events.

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