Understanding the Business Ecosystem Online: A Case Study

The B2C (Business-To-Consumer) companies might be popular among laymen such as P&G (Pantene, Gilette), Apple (iPhone), or Nike. However, the fact is that whichever industry that business fall under, they are going to have a B2B (Business-To-Business) relationship to certain extent, e.g. P&G needs to liaise with printers to produce their marketing collaterals, Apple needs to work closely with manufacturers, etc.

The vision is Cyfler is to create an ecosystem large enough that accommodate each businesses to connect with others. Come to think of it, one industry will not be exclusively bounded.

For example graphic designers will work with creative agencies, event organizers, marketing department of Consumer Goods Company and many others. An open-ended system that indiscriminately connects one with others will prove to be conducive for businesses.

While we have seen social networks getting more niche especially in the area of e-commerce (Etsy caters to fashion goods, specializes on art products), B2B connectivity is ideally a place where not only marketeers can source for good suppliers of creative ideas but for the logistics to also find reliable partners.

Incorporating the important feature of ‘social broadcasting’ such as found on Facebook, Google+, Twitter; Cyfler introduces an interesting feature where their users can add which industries they work closely with and notify them with new ‘offers’. This concept blends really well with the Web 2.0 characteristics where information is constantly ‘discovered’ rather than ‘searched upon’.

Questions were constantly asked to the team of Cyfler whether there is a need to focus on a certain industry in the platform, however the vision of the network is striving to address practical issue around us, “You may focus on getting suppliers from China like Alibaba, but the reality is that an American firm will not source for printers from such distant country to print a flyer or handbook for their organization.

Regardless of where the businesses are, a lot of transactions and exchanges will still be done locally and this applies across different industries hence the need for an ecosystem to serve that needs.”

If LinkedIn has offered a vibrant ecosystem of professionals, do you think Cyfler can arises as provider of ecosystem for business profiles? Nobody is certain with the future but Cyfler is definitely working towards the goal.