TWIA Live from BarcampKL 2010

Finally, our first live show for This Week in Asia has happened in Segi College, Kuala Lumpur. With John Lim as our moderator together with our co-hosts Bernard Leong and Daniel Cerventus and Michael Smith Jr, our highest recurring guest in the show, we talked about the journey of TWIA till today and future plans and the proceed to hit the three top news of the day: (1) Apple iPhone has taken 4.9% of the mobile market and 72% of the smart-phone market in Japan, (2) Lenovo as the sole candidate left after HTC dropped the bid for Palm and (3) the acquisition of iHipo to Potentialpark in Singapore.
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  • iPhone takes 4.9% market share in Japan: The surprise with Apple gaining 4.9% market share in the overall mobile market & 72% of the smart-phone market. How did Apple manage such a feat in Japan? We also discuss the recent loss of the iPhone 4G by an employee from Apple and provide our Asian perspective to the issue.
  • Lenovo leads the chase for Palm after HTC drops the bid: With HTC dropping the ball, is Lenovo primed for the takeover with Palm? Are there other candidates? We offer a few more, from Microsoft to Facebook. While discussing this issue, we also take a perspective on how this takeover of Palm will mean for the “war” between Apple and Google.
  • Potentialpark Acquires iHipo: iHipo (which is also invested by BL) from Thymos Capital and MDA has been acquired by Potential Park. We brought Kamal on board to discuss how start-ups in Singapore and Malaysia should stop thinking about getting government grants and go building prototypes instead.

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