Transit On Tour

Transit On Tour Around Malaysia

Transit on Tour – In the search for interesting startups around Malaysia, we recently took a bus all the way up to Penang and Kelantan to meet entrepreneurs. The trip was organized by 1337 Ventures in partnership with VLT Labs, and NextUpAsia. The purpose of this trip is to discover new startups. The judges will be selecting 5 of them to be pitching to Dave McClure of 500 Startups himself this early June.

Transit on Tour to Penang and Kelantan

Transit On Tour

The fist stop was Penang in One Precinct, which we saw a bunch of companies pitching. The one that caught my eye was something called CatMoji which I’ve first heard in The Social Hour mentioned by Sarah Lane. I didn’t know it was a Malaysian startup and this company has been featured on Techcrunch, Fastcompany and etc. CatMoji is basically a social network for cat lovers.


After that we took at 7 hours bus ride to Kelantan, which we met a couple of students from UMK that has built Android and IOS apps. The one that I was interested in was E-Gamelan which is a version of a traditional Malay instrument.


Although we are wrapping up this tour in Cyberjaya this Friday. We hope to go to other parts of Malaysia to meet more undiscovered startups which are under the radar.

If you have something to pitch to Dave McClure, your final chance to be selected to be one of the 5 Malaysian Startups.

To be selected fill in your company details at and come to 1337 Accelerator in Cyberjaya this 31st May 2013, 7.30pm.

To watch the pitch, RSVP at