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Top Social Media Trends for Entrepreneurs in 2013

Social media has already taken the business world by storm. In order to allow your business to benefit from marketing through social media, it is critical to stay abreast of the latest trends. Here are the top trends for social media marketing in 2013.

Integrate social media to your website

Optimize your social media content into your other digital platforms, especially your website. To truly establish your brand, make use of social media to connect with your customers or potential clients. Using content that is user generated will establish a stronger bond between you and your customer. Link your brand to relevant conversations with customers.


Top 3 social media platforms to target

 You cannot miss out on these three platforms, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest to optimize your marketing through social media.

  1. LinkedIn: Although it is happening subtly, LinkedIn is becoming increasingly social, which in turn is widely helping marketing.
  • Most people are using this network to connect with people for business development of some sort.
  • You could even create a LinkedIn company page to advertise your product or service by posting.
  • Recommendations written by customers are also of great help.
  • LinkedIn features a follow button that will keep followers informed of announcements and updates.
  1. Facebook Timeline: The new Facebook timeline should be optimized starting with the cover page feature.
  • Update your cover picture regularly with the latest products or services of your business. It occupies a prominent section of your Facebook page and is sure to grab attention.
  • Promote your page with good stories, which in turn acts as an advertising tool.
  • Don’t just post, but also listen. Ensure you converse with customers or potential clients who post. Throw questions out there, ask for suggestions and be completely involved.
  1. Pinterest: The social media marketing landscape has been revolutionized by Pinterest. Most brands are using or at least experimenting with this social media platform and you should too.
  • Get creative with Pinterest with pictures and websites that will grab attention.
  • In order to get an idea of how you can use this platform, research some popular brands and see how they use Pinterest.
  • Pin interesting yet diverse images to your boards, they do not have to directly be related to your product but can also be of themes that are similar.
  • Pinterest involves low risk and also minimal resources, but can help make your business pretty popular.
### Special Thanks to’s resident Social Media Expert, Mr. Elton Kuah for sharing this timely piece with Entrepreneurs### 
Elton Kuah is the founder of EnrichSocialMedia, an online social media company, specializing in consulting clients to run effective social media campaigns. This fur, Elton has grown several top notch businesses in Malaysia and Singapore to maximize their presence and revenue via social media. She is also a frequently featured speaker in major social media and technopreneurship events across the region. He welcomes entrepreneurs to connect with him via: [email protected]