Google Chairman Eric Schmidt waits for his turn to deliver a speech before a news conference at the main office of Google Korea in Seoul

Top Facts You Need to Know to Market Your Products Online: An Entrepreneur’s Guide

The most recent ‘Shake-Up’ by Google’s Panda and Penguin attacks have crippled many age-old strategies used by internet marketeers and entrepreneurs to push their services and products to consumers online. Perhaps, in order for entrepreneurs to anticipate what may come next for their marketing strategies online, they would need to look back and understand the trends that have painted the evolution of Digital Marketing, and how they can apply them to their businesses.

Entrepreneurs and businesses would need to learn about the evolving Online Cultures, to Interaction Trends, Buying and Selling among Online Users and Behavioural Patterns of Buyers to strategize their next digital marketing strategies.

The infographics below was curated by while surfing the web, to look for helpful tips and information that would help our entrepreneurs across the world, to market better. And we found this for you.

Credits go to the research team who gathered the information and digested them into meaningful information for entrepreneurs to use, in order to cleverly plan out their next digital marketing strategy.