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Top 5 Skills that You would Need either as an Entrepreneur or an Executive


Here are the Top 5 Skills which the Industry Seeks among its Entrepreneurs and Executives. Not everyone are cut to be Entrepreneurs or Executives alike. Some prefer the life of being their Own Boss, despite living in (Sometimes) uncertainties and not having much support to lean back on when the going gets tough. The same applies with being an Employee, where one’s freedom may be restrained, however the comfort of having a pay-cheque banked-in every month may put many to sleep at night soundly. 


Credits to the Research Team at the Kauffman Foundation and the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), a recent study last year found the Top 5 Traits, Skills and Attitudes which both Venture Capitalists (If you are an entrepreneur looking for funding) and a CEO (If you are an employee looking to land your next high paying job) are looking for among their Talents.

It takes businesses significant time and commitment to invest in You as a Talent and in Your Business, hence it is best to study these 5 Top Traits carefully and apply them in your life.

Infographic - Skills for Entrepreneurs