Goals for Entrepreneurs

Top 5 Goals for Entrepreneurs Surveyed Globally (Survey)

Are the goals for entrepreneurs set for 2013? Inc. Data Bank conducted a survey among entrepreneurs globally, which asked the Entrepreneurs to List out their Top Priorities and Goals in setting up their businesses.



From Top Measures of Success for Entrepreneurs to How Entrepreneurs are being Valued, the survey presents a comprehensive set of data. Information gathered by entrepreneurs in USA and around the globe who attributed their choices and may even help future entrepreneurs plan out and set their priorities in running their profitable and sustainable businesses.


Infographic - Goals for Entrepreneurs

The survey highlights that entrepreneurs too as humans seek to have a balanced life by having extra time off with family and friends, be healthy and always do something they enjoy (even at work). So life as an entrepreneur can be tough but perfectly rewarding to live comfortably at the end. Perhaps these are the goals for entrepreneurs of the new era.