Top 3 Reasons To Attend TEDxYouthKL 2012

TEDxYouthKL returns this Saturday, 17th November, held at the Malaysia Securities Commission building by KL Sentral. This year’s TEDxYouthKL promises to deliver a line of speakers who are ‘Bigger than Life’ with their achievements and profiles, but also with ‘Bigger with Hearts’ highlighting their undying contribution towards the betterment of Malaysia and mankind. 

Great Way to Network With Awesome People

There are names that you would not have imagined to meet in person.  TEDxYouthKL 2012 opens the door for Malaysian to meet and greet youth idols. TEDxYouthKL 2012 provides opportunity for audience to engage in priceless interaction with the speakers themselves. Parallel to aim of TEDx to hope that the inspiring stories told could spark new ideas at young hearts. Line up of speakers this year is not any less than previous years, if not better. From a freelance photographer who helps the indigenous people of Malaysia by selling their handicrafts on her cofounded website; to a gorgeous young lady who gave up her investment banker dream to become a rural school teacher. This year’s spectacular personalities are equipped with amazing stories to share.

Go Speechless by Amazing Performances

To get a crowd to burst into applaud does not involve many elements, just a creative mind would do the trick. Renown performances usually come with a hefty price tag. Chill out at TimeOut KL for a comedy time could get be pricy for most college/university student. Why pay more when you can just settle at nearly half the price for entertainment by not only a stand-up comedian, but also by siblings trio with their folk-pop music and a mentalist whose name is a common word of mouth among big names in the country when comes to pulling off mind-boggling feats.

Start Thinking Outside the Box

Thinking outside the box require thinking skills to approach problems in a new and innovative ways. Basically means confronting problems in ways other than what we would have normally imagined. Besides running marathons to win titles and keepfit, one of our guess speaker does it in effort to raise funds for charity programme to support underprivileged children. Other than this 32-year-old former art director, we have a yoga instructor who has done more than just teaching yoga. Her knowledge and understanding in yoga has sparked interest in many fitness enthusiast around Asia pursue this path of healthy living.

For more information about TEDxYouthKL, be sure to check out their website at http://www.tedxyouthkl.com