A Superstar Entrepreneur that You should Connect With

Top 12 Star Entrepreneurs that You should Connect with for Business Success

Stars are brilliant at shining a light on what they love. They are excellent advocates once they find their cause, and they will campaign tirelessly for what they believe in. I’ve had the good fortune to connect with each of the extraordinary individuals below, each who are Star profiles. Thanks to each of you for shining your light…

A Superstar Entrepreneur that You should Connect With
A Superstar Entrepreneur that You should Connect With

Here’s my Top 12 Recommended Stars to connect with. A few weeks ago I gave my Top 12 recommended Supporters (http://bit.ly/bWDvRd ) and the support for them was magnificent (of course!). These 12 Stars are equally accomplished and spread around the world. They are all on Facebook so you can connect with them today (if they have not reached their 5,000 friend limit…)

1. Mark Victor Hansen – Orange County: Co-author of the Chicken Soup series, and the One Minute Millionaire, Mark has helped thousands to understand and master the book publishing game. I’m on the Advisory Board of his Mark Victor Hansen Foundation, which promotes literacy as a path out of poverty. http://bit.ly/asgBot

2. Mari Smith – San Diego: Mari is the go-to-girl for Social Media. FastCompany.com called her “The Pied Piper of the Online World”. She’s President of the International Social Media Association and a fellow Scot (OK I’m only half-Scot). http://bit.ly/doSCQm

Connecting with Superstar Entrepreneur
Connecting with Superstar Entrepreneur

3. Penny Power – Farnham: Co-founder of Ecademy, has made the power of trusted connections her mission. Her book and blog: “Know Me, Like Me, Follow Me” is about putting people first. Ecademy pioneered Web 2.0 business networking long before Facebook came along. http://bit.ly/cJDcxt

4. Thomas Power – Farnham: How could I include Penny without Thomas? While Penny has built a brand around the heart in networking, Thomas has built his around the cutting edge in networking – follow him for the latest news. Thomas got me onto Twitter when I still had no idea what it was. http://bit.ly/an7Sxg

5. Janet Attwood – Fairfield: Co-author of the Passion Test, and is a great example of how a Star can build attraction and flow around one central idea. From the Passion Test, Janet has Passion Test Facilitators, products, events, and a global following. http://bit.ly/diYBlx

6. Topher Morrison – San Diego: Today Topher is travelling to Sydney from USA for the Wealth Dynamics Workshop. Topher is the Professional Speaker of Professional Speakers, training others in speaking skills. He is now the Lead Speaker for Wealth Dynamics, for which I am eternally grateful. http://bit.ly/aNOORm

7. Mike Handcock – Auckland: Mike has just come back from a round-the-world tour launching his film, The Dreamcatchers. Mike is a speaker who has built his brand “Rock Your Life” to bring his passion for music into life design. “Rock Your World” extends the brand to making a difference globally. http://bit.ly/9KiT7Z

8. Michael Q Todd – Tokyo: Michael has built his Star profile around both the green movement and social media. Based in Tokyo, he has a unique place to watch the world from. Follow his great tweets and facebook notes on issues from conservation to conversation. http://bit.ly/aLeEqA

9. Therese De Wolf – Perth: One of raw food’s greatest advocates, Therese is the founder of Sunbread and has attracted thousands of followers to her Youtube Channel, “Raw Down Under”. A great example of how personifying your passion leads to global attraction wherever you are. http://bit.ly/9s3C2R

10. Frances Cheung – Hong Kong: Frances has a mission to grow women leadership in China. She has built a brand around inspiring entrepreneurs to turn their passion into cash flow, and together with her husband, Alan, has set up an Entrepreneur Centre in Hong Kong. http://bit.ly/dy4ClG

11. Martin Jimmink – New Zealand: XL Nation Chairman & business coach, Martin chooses his clients – only high earning entrepreneurs willing to commit to at least three years. Creating a niche has given him a full client list. He now has his ticket on Virgin Galactic as the first intergalactic coach… http://bit.ly/dg3l4v

12. John Abbott – Gold Coast: John stepped up to run XL Australia from Perth several years ago. He has built a name as the go-to-person for dynamic entrepreneurs in Australia. Richard Branson dropped by in March… John and his wife Roz are now moving to the Gold Coast to join our OneLife team – Shining a light in our Lighthouse! http://bit.ly/aootLP

If you know any of the people on this list, please share your stories and testimonials of them below. If you don’t, do connect with them! Each has a heart of gold and a flow of inspiration and connections that grows in the sharing.

Got any questions about the winning & losing formulas of Stars? Have a look athttp://bit.ly/b0vaWy or post them as a comment…