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Top 12 Creators type Entrepreneurs that You should be Connected with…

Here’s my Top 12 Recommended Creators to connect with. Earlier this year I posted my Top 12 recommended Supporters (http://bit.ly/bWDvRd)  and Top 12 Stars (http://on.fb.me/c2SfUm). These are extraordinary entrepreneurs from around the world that I have had the wonderful honour of connecting with.

According to the Wealth Dynamics system, Creators are best when they have their head in the clouds. They are constantly creating new products and businesses, and are more interested by the big picture than the small detail. Here is my list of 12 who are in their flow, from all different parts of the world. They are all on Facebook so you can try connecting with them today (if they are not already at their 5,000 limit). Quite a few of them also have a fan page you can join instead.


1. Seth Godin – USA: My favourite author, who walks the talk, selling his permission marketing company to Yahoo! for $30 million. His first book from his experience then lead to 10+ bestselling books. 5% of his Squidoo’s profits go to charity. If you’re wondering which one book to read, read Tribes – and then go out and start one.

Seth Godin the renowned Thinker

2. Steve Chen – USA: Co-founded Youtube with Chad Hurley in 2005 (Yep just five year’s ago). I met Steve & Chad at the Clinton Global Initiative shortly after their $1.65 billion sale of Youtube to Google. The story is typical Creator fairy tale – Have a need, imagine others have the same, start a company to address the need, make a billion dollars…


3. Jack Canfield – USA: Jack is one of the best examples of a Creator who creates the spaces for magic to happen. He did it with the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, which sold over 125 million copies, and again with the Transformational Leadership Council. Create the right structure or environment, and you’ll attract Creators and leaders who will do the rest.

Jack Canfield Author for Inspiration

4. Paul Dunn – Singapore: Paul has been an amazing mentor for me, and is now doing great work with Buy1Give1, supporting over 600 projects in 28 countries. Creating one idea to support many companies can often create greater change than creating one company to support many ideas. To make a difference, Join B1G1 to connect your company to the right cause.


5. Don Tolman – USA: Don is the Indiana Jones of whole foods. I’ve toured with Don in Australia and USA, and his speaking preparation is pure Creator style – as little preparation as possible to give genius a chance to shine – And he is a genius. If you’re a little wary of the pharmaceutical industry, and if you want to live a longer, happier, healthier life – listen to Don.


6. Daniel Priestley – UK: Dan launched XL and Wealth Dynamics in the UK, and has built Triumphant Events into a successful event company in London. He’s also just published his book, Key Person of Influence, which gives you the five steps to become a leader in your industry. Follow him for all the latest in marketing, social media and building a solid brand.


7. Bruce Muzik – Dominican Republic: Bruce has used his creator profile to transform his life and now runs his businesses from a beach and a laptop. He also shares how he did it and what he does at his Designer Life blog. Creators need freedom, and finding Creators who haven’t trapped themselves by their own creation is a pleasure to see. Bruce is an inspiration. Visit his blog.


8. John Williams – UK: John has set up the Creators School within XL Nation, for XL Members to connect and share effective strategies on the Creator Profile. Pearsons recently published his new bestselling book “Screw Work, Let’s Play: How to do what you love and get paid for it”. If you’re ready for work to be more fun and fulfilling, connect with John.


9. William Reed – Japan: Will is an Aikido Black Belt based in Japan, and has integrated Eastern arts into his training and consulting business from martial arts to manga to concepts of flow and Wealth Dynamics. If you’re looking for an integrated approach of Eastern wisdom with Western application, visit Will’s site at www.williamreed.jp


10. Andy Greenhill – UK: Andy is another Black Belt who inspired elements of the XL Nation circles from his experience of the timelessness of Dojos. He’s been a regular visitor to our XL Vision Villas resort in Bali, and stepped up to run the Wealth Dynamics Institute. Based in London, Andy has been an inspiration to both me and my kids.


11. Elaine Grundy – Singapore: OK, maybe I’m a little biased, but how could I complete this list without including Elaine! By some freak of nature, Elaine is the only woman on this list. So if you would like to acknowledge other extraordinary women Creators please do below! Elaine is a Reiki Master who founded the Reiki Centre in Singapore. She’s also my big sister…


12. Roy McDonald – Australia: Roy is a super-Creator and has been an amazing mentor to me, and is now my business partner in OneLife and Orion. We are setting up OneLife Centres to empower investors and entrepreneurs in purpose and profit – a home for changemakers to connect, share knowledge, and join forces towards World Wide Wealth. Join us at www.orionunited.com


If you know any of the people on this list, please share your stories and testimonials of them below. Do connect with them! Each has a genius in their own unique area, which as shines brightly as they stay in their flow. You’ll find them all on Facebook.


Got any questions about the winning & losing formulas of Creators? Have a look atwww.wealthdynamicscentral.com or post them as a comment…