Tony Fernandes, AirAsia CEO Honored as the Malaysian Achievement Award of the Year

Renowned Malaysian entrepreneur, Tan Sri Dr. Tony Fernandes of AirAsia was awarded the top title at the 1st Malaysian Achievement Award at the prestigious Double Tree by Hilton, along Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. He was recognized for his efforts in flying the Malaysian entrepreneurial spirit on both local and global fronts.

From starting his humble airline company with a mere two planes several years ago, Tony has proven time and time again that the determination to create a world class airline brand and ultimately making his mark in the aviation industry is possible when one is determined to work hard, explore international collaborations and to even do business with one’s once ‘Business rival.’

Upon receiving this story, we thought that Tony does deserve the Malaysian Achievement Award of the Year title, not only as an opening for the award’s first year to inspire more local Malaysian SMEs and businesses to compete on global fronts while also doing well on its local grounds, but also to give a new perspective to Malaysian companies that collaboration is key towards business success.

Just months ago, Tony again shocked Malaysia where he announced that he was going into partnerships with Malaysian Airlines (MAS), through his latest business undertakings. You can find out more details here

Again, in our perspective, Tony’s achievements abroad had always marveled the Malaysian minds, especially the young and thriving entrepreneurs, where he had brought the AirAsia brand global, and through uncanny feats like wanting to fly long haul on low cost, to trying to get AirAsia’s brand on the FIFA World Cup jersey, to sponsoring Manchester United and having them flew on our Malaysian carrier and many more daring entrepreneurial examples.

But, last night’s recognition at the Malaysian Achievement Awards of the Year, also signified the record of how a Malaysian entrepreneur with little to no governmental help, had managed to acquire into the largest local airline, Malaysia Airlines and enhance both airlines’ operations and services for consumers.

I have had the opportunity to meet this successful entrepreneur during my Your Big Year global expedition last year, and you can hear from his own words, his Advices and Words of Wisdom for all Malaysian entrepreneurs and the youths out there.

Congratulations to Tony Fernandes, AirAsia and the entire team who bringing our local ‘Red’ brand global!