This Week in Asia Episode 68: Mixi Meetup 2010 Rocks!

TWiA-logo As promised, our special guest last week, Serkan Toto (@serkantoto) from TechCrunch and Asiajin, is in our virtual studio to talk about Mixi Meetup 2010. Organized by Mixi, one of the top social networks in Japan launching new APIs, a service similar to Facebook Places, and breaking the news of a major alliance with CyWorld (Korea) and RenRen (China) to consolidate the social networking space in East Asia. We examine this major event in Japan similar to the scale of a Google I/O or Apple Keynote and its implications to the social networking scene in Asia. We also wish our Muslim friends in Asia a Happy Raya and discussed some of the major news that rocked the entire Asia web-tech landscape.

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