This Week in Asia Episode 61: This is Social Media!

TWiA-logo Starting off with congrats to Mike Foong with his 4th kid, Myra Ines Foong, the TWIA crew is back to discuss the interesting stories that dominate the Asian mobile, web & tech landscape this week. While we look back at Open Web Asia Conference & Google Dev Fest in KL, we also discussed interesting stories covering from iPads selling out in Singapore to an Asian company called Bubble Motion funded by Sequoia and how it’s kicking ass in India. If you are not impressed, then the gaffe from MOL CEO, Ganesh Kumar Bangah on his rival OffGamers’ FB page surely hits the most entertaining story of the week in Asia.

  • Congratulations from the TWIA crew to our fellow co-host Mike Foong & his spouse with their 4th kid Myra Ines Foong – and is she the first child with her own hashtag #babym4 and have her name crowdsourced via twitter?
  • Past Events: Open Web Asia & Google Dev Fest in KL – What an exciting week and we have a lot of feedback coming from our live show asking us for a video version. If you have any thoughts, please let us know. We also talked about the Google Dev Fest that followed after Open Web Asia in KL. Also, we reveal the next possible dates & venues for the next Open Web Asia Conferences: Taiwan & Indonesia next year.
  • AntennnaGate from Apple & iPad sales furore in SG: So, we skipped this issue relatively quickly and talked about how iPad sales were so fast and furious that Smithy did not manage to get one for himself.
  • The story about Bubble Motion: Interesting Asia start-up in Singapore and funded by Sequoia Capital (the same one who funded Google) which have made headway with Bubbly in India.
  • Japan tech going regional? : With the launch of an interesting app, Sekai Camera from Japan with none of us installing it, we discussed how Japan has lately focused its efforts towards China & Korea while also being the first destination for US start-ups to launch in Asia.
  • The MOL CEO, Ganesh Kumar Bangah and his blunder with his now famous comment on his rival’s OffGamers’ FB page, “Too bad for you, this is social media.“. If you do not know by now, MOL is the company who acquired Friendster and made a deal to distribute Facebook credits in Southeast Asia.
  • Upcoming Events: Asian Blogger & Social Media Conference next week, Social Media World Forum Asia & Accelerate by E27 both happening on 22-23 Sep.

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