Things Your Biz Can Learn With Open Source just ended and it was AWESOME. It became one of the largest gathering of open source enthusiast in Malaysia and we at Malaysia Entrepreneurs loves open source as it provide freedom and low overhead for start ups. We would like to congratulate the organizing committee to spring up such a great event with such limited resources.

There were many remarkable sessions talking about the technical aspects of Open Source and also the community building aspects.

Our editor,Daniel conducted a collaborative session on What can Businesses Learn from the Open Source movement and here are some of the selected points from that discussion. Also included are some of the notes taken from Pia Waugh, who was very vocal in the discussion.

Grouping Together.
In the open source, little companies usually group together to go after the Giant. This is a great example on how smaller companies should look at forming an alliances in tackling bigger market.

Mass Collaboration.
Since contributors of Open Source projects comes from all walks of life and around the worlds. Tools and ideas developed for them enable them to collaborate across geographical borders. With tools such as forums, wiki and etc. working from home with other strangers around the world does not seem so strange after all.

It Is All in The Community.
Having a solid community as a foundation of your project can be the best investment that you can have. Open source projects are contributed by volunteers who not only maintains but evangelist about the project they are using. Think, a restaurant that is supported by their fellow community who strongly believe in the F & B it provides.

The Best Ideas Win.
Since everything is out in the open and online, ideas that are implemented in the open source community are usually adopted and agreed by the masses. It minimized the politicking of people and refocus on the task at hand.

Give People Something To Do.
It is not enough to have a vision but you have to delegate. Having trust that other people can do what you assign to them and sometimes you be amazed on what they can deliver.

Hiring on Capability and not just Paper.
Open source contributors are definitely a passionate bunch. They are also very skilled and knowledge about what they are doing. That should be a great criteria if you are looking for when you hire a developer for your project instead of just paper qualification as these developers would willing volunteer their time for something they believe in.


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