There Will Never Be Another 2011

Today is the last day of 2010. Did you make everyday count? Did you make an impact in the the world or with the people around you? I am not sure about you, but these are the questions that are constantly spring in my mind as I prepare to take the challenge that is 2011.

We are all here on the earth way to briefly. In our own way, we do touch some people around us but most of the time we are way to worry about getting own problems. If you can live 2010 again, how would you change it? What will you do to make it more remarkable?

Unfortunately, 2010 will over in a couple of hours as I write this. You will then only have 365 so days to make your mark in the year 2011. There will be another 2011, so make the best of it.

“How?” you might ask.

I am a firm believer of if you set your mind to it, you can achieve it. Most people just get distracted along the way. How many time, you write a long list of resolutions and forget about it a month later? How many goals did you set last year and you did not achieve a single one?

Make a difference for 2011. Look back at 2010 and find only ONE thing in your life to improve for 2011. Focus on that ONE thing and write it down. Because, we are constantly faced with so many distractions, write it in not more than 140 characters (ala twitter).

Post it online, post it on our Facebook page, declare it to the world. Write it in a small card and bring that everywhere to remind yourself what the focus of 2011 should be. Look at the card every morning when you wake up, every time you are free and before you go to sleep.

Focus on that very one thing and work towards achieving it. You will then have stop goal setting and just started Goal Getting.

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