There is something android like coming from Maxis

Last Friday, we got invited to a very interesting Maxis event in Pavilion. The event was mostly journalist and bloggers. Most of them are technology related namely people like Vernon (@vernieman), John Lim(@johnlim) and many more.
There were also tonnes of Maxis folks including their CEO and folks from Samsung.

What launch you might ask?

Well this is the launch of the follow up to the Nexus One(my phone), the Google Nexus S by Samsung.
The Nexus line of the phone which starts with N1 is basically a google designed phone created by a partner manufacturer. This is good because for the first Nexus One, you can only purchase it from

We have a test unit under the Maxis10 program and we will give this new Nexus S some stress test for 2 weeks so look out for our updates here.

The question here is will it be blend?

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