Music Waves

Trends of Marketing Strategy – The Expensive,The Cheap and The Charitable

What are the new trends in marketing strategy?

Marketers today believe in a good mix of marketing strategy (above the line and below the line) as part and parcel of their daily routine to reach out to their targeted audience. There certainly isn’t a best mix, yet time and time again, we see countless advertisements and shout outs that don’t work but it’s been practiced religiously. New strategies need to take place and we obviously are seeing an uprising among companies tapping into musical influence…let’s just say riding the musical wave.

A fairly good example is the crazed more than 1 billion view YouTube sensation PSY that Fashion Label JillStuart NY took advantage of, though it’s a relatively expensive ordeal for most companies.

It didn’t take long till the next big wave on YouTube came up and Founder of Tune Group Tony Fernandes and CEO of Tune Talk Jason Lo did the Harlem Shake on stage after a speech. Not bad mileage for a low-cost approach of marketing strategy.

Or perhaps a slightly subtle but charitable way of marketing brands in programs such as the Australian CEO Sleep Out challenge might bring a long term mileage. At least its exposure reaches out to quite a number of states in Australia.

The question is, which of these marketing strategy is more effective?