The Start-Up Entrepreneur Series! Part 2!

The Start-Up Entrepreneur Series Interview Campaign! Part 2

(C) Getting to know about The Strategies to Be The No.1 Start-Up

download1. Marketing is King! How did you publicize your business? How did you get people to notice you and not your competitors?

For OunchKiosk, we worked towards getting in places or events of high prominence like Bangsar Village and Matta Fair, TedxKL, ITX Asia etc. Being a start-up, our pocket is not deep enough to do marketing. We work together with celebrities like Jojo Struys and Chermaine Poo who make use of our solutions which complement and enhance the medium there are using, i.e. social media like Twitter and FB. We ensure that our solutions are truly of superior in quality, that’s how we are different from others.

2. They say, Talents is what make or break the business. For yourself, how did you get your talents and what did you do to make them remain working for you?

Talents are God-given and they are enhanced by the hours we put in in nurturing it. I spend time keeping abreast in technology related matters by reading and even doing coding myself.

3. If you could name 3 Main Criteria that have made You and Your Business successful, what are those 3 Main Criteria?

• Having the right people (the core team) is important.
• Having the right mindset.
• Having to work very hard and be persistent.

4. Businesses need to Innovate in order to stay Competitive in the marketplace – How have you innovated your company to be competitive until today?

We have developed a QR code that looks nicer than a typical QR Code. Our version is pixelated and can superimpose logos, images etc. Our OunchScan is (in our knowledge) the only QR code reader that saves and displays images of what you scan, instead of displaying URL links like all the other QR codes readers.

5. Global economic uncertainties Kill Businesses – In your mind, how did you weather this challenge for your business?

As much as we would like to anticipate the uncertainties, we can only do so much to prevent it. Our attitude towards such challenges is really to focus on what we do and to make sure that we offer excellent, relevant solutions.


Choong KarFai(D) Getting to know about The Wisdom behind The Start-Up
1. What would be your 3 main advice that you would offer to entrepreneurs who want to start up today?

Never give up. Surround yourselves with some friends who can understand and spur you on. Be prepared to work very hard.

2. If you have a wishlist, what would you want Governments or the Private Sectors to do, to assist businesses like yours? Just any wish and why?

Help start-ups with commercialisation, start by being the first to adopt our solutions.(Governments)

3. Any last remarks to close your ‘The Start-Up Entrepreneur Speaks’ series for now?

Thank you for this opportunity to be featured. Malaysian start-ups certainly need more coverage on our solutions to help propel us to the next stage.