The Start-Up Entrepreneur Series: HealthWorks inspire you to be a healthier and happier you! Part 2!

Rue-Hann Lim, the Co-Founder of She is on a mission to inspire fellow Malaysians to make better choices for their health and wellness.

Health Works

Getting to know about The Start-Up

1. Tell us more about Your Company – What have you built? What is your product or service to your customers? What is your track-record so far? is Malaysia’s online health hub. Our mission is to build the largest health community in Malaysia and inspire Malaysians to make better choices for their health, fitness & happiness. It will serve as Malaysia’s one-stop-health-hub for education, shopping and community.
Driven by the purpose of providing localised health information and making healthy living easier for people, our approach is multi-fold:
1) Education through expert advice and interesting localised health content
2) eCommerce with health-related products & services
3) a thriving community of health enthusiasts.
Ending our first month, we’re quite amazed that during the first 10 days after the launch of our website, we had over 10,000 unique visitors. This shows that Malaysians are indeed interested to know more about health.


2. Why did you decide to go into this business? Is it because it is a lucrative market? Is it a Blue Ocean which your talents and expertise through your business can provide?
We couldn’t find a user friendly interesting health site that serves multiple purposes in Malaysia. For urban young people like us especially – we tend to neglect the importance of health when we’re busy with work and social life (not forgetting lying on our bed scrolling on social media networks). We’re busy people who want to know “what to do now”, “how to do it”, “where to get it”. On the other hand, we have great local healthcare professionals that are yearning to reach out to people too.
With this gap not being filled, I see a need to provide an online one-stop health hub for younger Malaysians where they can find practical, enjoyable health information, purchase health-related products/services and get into action, and find suitable community to embrace this active healthy living lifestyle together! It’s that one place which empowers you to take action and live healthy.

rue - healthworks
(right) Rue, (left) Jolene, the content strategist of

4. Where do you see your business growing into, for the next 5 to 10 years?
There are many opportunities in the area of Health. In the short term I see to become the first place Malaysians go whenever they want to find health information, buy health-related products, or connect to other health communities or services.
In the longer term, I am looking forward to work with hospitals, clinics, beauty parlors, gyms, health insurance companies and various healthcare providers to streamline a person’s healthcare experience in Malaysia. It will be awesome if one day we can build a Health Village in Malaysia!

5. What is your vision for the industry that you are in? Do you see a trend coming up that your business can capitalize?
There are two trends on the rise in Malaysia. One is the trend of going mobile (even baby boomers are on mobiles now!) Second is the increased consumer awareness for preventive healthcare which leads to the rise of self-directed consumers. Gone are the days where consumers wait for the doctor to give them answers. Now, we have more people using the internet to get health information to help them make a decision throughout their health journey. They consult the internet before and after visiting a healthcare professional. What they got from the internet, helps facilitate their discussion with healthcare professionals. I see an opportunity for us here in Malaysia to tap on technology and help the community to get what they are looking for. In simpler words, facilitate their journey of living a healthy active lifestyle.






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To be continued… The Start-up Entrepreneur Part 3