The Entrepreneur Speaks: Why Mobile Marketing? Why Now? – Part 1 in collaboration with Rice Comms of Singapore bring to you ‘The Entrepreneur Speaks’ series, where we will be interviewing successful entrepreneurs and chief executives for the fast growing companies in ASEAN. This week, we have, Kerstin Trikalitis who is the CEO of Out There Media, the international leader in Mobile Advertising. She is one of the most influential figures in the global mobile advertising sector and has previously held leading management positions in international companies.1.      What is Mobile advertising, briefly?

 The Mobile Marketing Association defines mobile advertising as a rapidly growing sector providing brands, agencies and marketers the opportunity to connect with consumers beyond traditional and digital media directly on their mobile phones.

Mobile advertising can come in the form of SMS and rich content messages, in-application advertising, and more. As an international leader in mobile advertising, Out There Media helps brands reach out to their customers via its mobile advertising marketplace, Mobucks™; a cross-operator, cross-advertiser marketplace that matches demand and supply for advertising over mobile telephones.

 2.      Why should businesses jump into Mobile advertising? Is it a proven marketing or promotions model?

 Mobile has a wide reach, exceeding 2.6 billion mobile subscriptions in Asia Pacific, according to the International Telecommunication Union. A study by independent research company, BuddeComm, found that as of August 2012, the Malaysian mobile market is booming with 37 million subscribers and a penetration approaching 130% coming into 2012.

Due to its wide reach and growing penetration especially in Asia and particularly in markets such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia where mobile is increasingly gaining popularity, there is no doubt that the mobile channel is the way forward in reaching out to target audience.

According to Aeneas Strategy Consulting, feature phones still dominate in emerging markets, and will remain the primary channel for businesses to communicate their products and services to this large user demographic.

We at Out There Media work in partnership with telecom operators and agency networks to ensure that the tools or methods of conducting mobile advertising are aligned with standard guidelines set by industry associations and bodies to successfully reach a wide, targeted audience and implement mobile campaigns.

Take for instance, the success of “McCafe Free Iced Drinks” promotion for McCafe, one of the mobile marketing campaigns launched by Out There Media and Globe Telecoms in the Philippines. Consumers were invited to engaging in a short quiz through SMS, identifying their favorite drink out of three selections and were rewarded participants with a complimentary drink at participating McCafe branches in Manila. The campaign was a success, with 89 percent of those who participated requesting for branches to obtain their redemptions.


3.      What type of business should get involved with Mobile advertising?

 Mobile advertising has the ability to reach a large, mass group of audience yet still having the ability to be targeted and specific, tailoring communication to the right audience.

This makes it an appealing medium for FMCG and retail brands. They need to be able to target a large group of consumers yet making sure that their advertisements are not treated as spam.

According to a study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Pricewaterhouse Coopers, figures from 2011 showed that FMCG brands have been named third-biggest industry sector within the total ad spend increase from 11.8% to 14.4% behind entertainment and media (23.2%) and telecoms (14.9%).

4.      Generally, what are the main advantages and disadvantages of mobile advertising for businesses?

 Mobile allows advertisers maximum exposure of their brands and products as it has the ability to reach   a mass audience. Mobile usage is also growing at an unprecedented rate, with analyst firm Ovum reporting that the Asia-Pacific smartphone market is expected to reach annual shipments of 200 million.

This also means that the audience base for mobile advertising is growing, making it an appealing platform for marketers to spread their message   about their brands and products.

The ability of mobile advertising to provide data for marketers is also one of the advantages of mobile advertising. With the technology providing demographic and psychographic data to marketers, it helps them understand target consumers better and gain insights on their target consumers’ wants and needs.

This, in turn helps them shape and customize their communication strategies and develop campaigns that are more relevant for their target audiences.

The eco-friendliness factor of the mobile platform is also a strong value proposition of mobile advertising. Brands can expect up to 70% savings when they execute mobile advertising in comparison to other forms of marketing channels. With mobile, marketers no longer need to set aside budget on printing of brochures or flyers, but instead allow their consumers to go paperless and receive   information on new promotions or offers via mobile.

However, there are still growth opportunities for mobile advertising in Asia Pacific. There needs to be a lot more education in the region on this space. Marketers need to be aware of how mobile can help with their campaigns and be accepted as the fastest-growing marketing channel today.

In general, marketers are still hesitant on spending big on mobile despite statistics showing that mobile ad consumption is fast surpassing traditional advertising. This needs to change and the industry should champion steps towards helping educate marketers and consumers on the benefits of spending on mobile.

To be continued next week for Part 2 – The Cost and Benefits of Mobile Marketing; Things that Businesses Should Know!

### Special Thanks to Kerstin Trikalitis, the CEO of Out There Media Pte. Ltd. for sharing her thoughts on the mobile industry ###

About The Entrepreneur;

Kerstin Trikalitis is the CEO of Out There Media, the international leader in Mobile Advertising. She is one of the most influential figures in the global mobile advertising sector, being responsible for the company’s growth across markets in Europe and Asia. Kerstin has over 12 years of experience in the mobile industry, where she has previously held leading management positions in international companies.

About the Company: Out There Media Pte. Ltd.

Out There Media is the global leader in Mobile Advertising. The company is headquartered in Vienna and has subsidiaries in Dusseldorf, Singapore, New York, Moscow, Kiev, Athens and Sofia. Today Out There Media has partnership agreements with 40 mobile carriers across Europe and Asia, reaching approximately 500 million subscribers via its multi-channel mobile advertising marketplace, Mobucks™. Mobucks is a cross-carrier, cross-advertiser marketplace that matches demand and supply for advertising over mobile telephones. Out There Media enables carriers to monetize their inventory, advertisers to engage with their audiences in a targeted and effective manner, and consumers to enhance and improve their everyday lives. The company’s website can be found at