The Entrepreneur Speaks: Behind the Minds of the Mobile Consumers! Anticipating Trends – Part 4 in collaboration with Rice Comms of Singapore bring to you ‘The Entrepreneur Speaks’ series, where we will be interviewing successful entrepreneurs and chief executives for the fast growing companies in ASEAN. This week, we have, Kerstin Trikalitis who is the CEO of Out There Media, the international leader in Mobile Advertising. She is one of the most influential figures in the global mobile advertising sector and has previously held leading management positions in international companies.1.      What are some of the upcoming or innovative mobile advertising solutions that you have seen, which would help brands and businesses, cut across the ‘Noise’ and reach their targeted consumers?

 A new model called SoLoMo, which stands for social, local and mobile, is steadily gaining momentum in the market. This new model sees the convergence of social media, location-based advertising and integration with the mobile device.

The SoLoMo model offers opportunities to retailers, marketers and consumers—and all have something to gain from this new trend.

Location-based marketing is becoming popular.  Customers can check-in at a location/shop to receive promo messages which are only available when you check-in.

This can help businesses reach their target customers because most of those who check-in are already interested in the product or service offered.  Even if they just want to find out about any promo campaign of the business, they are also exposed to brand.

Customers can also post reviews on social media outlets right away, reflecting their experience in the shop.  Friends from their network can also know where they are or went, and what they did.  An amateur review can be more effective than a professional one as it truly reflects how the customer felt about the brand/service.

2.      What are the future trends in Mobile advertising? Where is it headed to and will it still be relevant?

 SMS remains to be the undisputed leader of mobile messaging, although MMS, email and instant messaging are gaining popularity, thanks to technological advances that allow richer mobile messaging. SMS is still a popular mode for mobile marketing, because it is widely-familiar, easy-to-use and is largely device agnostic.

Despite the generally positive outlook on mobile growth in Asia, concerns still remain. Governments are looking at consumer protection in the mobile space.

The Singapore government has announced plans to regulate the telecom sector more tightly, putting in place more protections against unanticipated data charges or misleading advertising. Other governments are likely to follow suit. Consumer protection, especially issues of privacy, have gained greater visibility in recent days, arising from the discovery that Apple and Google both collect and use location data from their users.

As such, permission-based marketing is the way forward for mobile advertising. In May last year, Out There Media published a whitepaper which looked into how permission-based and opt-in mobile advertising is gaining popularity among advertisers and consumers alike.

Through permission-based advertising, brands will be able to achieve maximum ROI of their campaign and still maintaining the privacy of their target customers to ensure that mobile advertising is not seen as an invasive platform for marketers to reach out to the masses.

 3.      In your opinion, what would make Mobile advertising obsolete or become more irrelevant like the pamphlets or print ads that were used by businesses in the past?

Currently, brands and services spend most of their marketing budget on TV advertisements.  Unless people are going to be stuck at home, mobile advertising is unlikely to become obsolete, at least for the next decade.

Mobile advertising is everything from a banner ad on a mobile website or app, or a QR code on a billboard or the side of a milk carton.

Mobile phones have become a huge part of our lives.  People used to read a magazine or book, or simply stare into space while waiting for their friends or an appointment, now they are interacting on their phones, surfing social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, messaging their friends on SMS or Whatsapp or even watch videos on their mobile devices whenever they can.

Data from analyst firm IDC shows that the worldwide mobile phone market maintains its growth trajectory, with statistics from the fourth quarter of 2011 (4Q11) showing that the global mobile phone market grew 6.1% year over year.

Particularly in emerging markets, growth opportunities offered by these up and coming markets should not be ignored. A recent Juniper Research study indicates that there is a steady increase in mobile message ad spending to $7.4 billion by 2017, driven largely by an increase in location-based SMS advertising.

Mobile is the way forward and it is the channel of the future for marketers to reach out to their target audience.

To be continued next week for Part 5 – The Golden Advice for Businesses Jumping into the Mobile Marketing Bandwagon!

### Special Thanks to Kerstin Trikalitis, the CEO of Out There Media Pte. Ltd. for sharing her thoughts on the mobile industry ###

About The Entrepreneur;

Kerstin Trikalitis is the CEO of Out There Media, the international leader in Mobile Advertising. She is one of the most influential figures in the global mobile advertising sector, being responsible for the company’s growth across markets in Europe and Asia. Kerstin has over 12 years of experience in the mobile industry, where she has previously held leading management positions in international companies.

About the Company: Out There Media Pte. Ltd.

Out There Media is the global leader in Mobile Advertising. The company is headquartered in Vienna and has subsidiaries in Dusseldorf, Singapore, New York, Moscow, Kiev, Athens and Sofia. Today Out There Media has partnership agreements with 40 mobile carriers across Europe and Asia, reaching approximately 500 million subscribers via its multi-channel mobile advertising marketplace, Mobucks™. Mobucks is a cross-carrier, cross-advertiser marketplace that matches demand and supply for advertising over mobile telephones. Out There Media enables carriers to monetize their inventory, advertisers to engage with their audiences in a targeted and effective manner, and consumers to enhance and improve their everyday lives. The company’s website can be found at