D.A.R.E BizStart Showcase

The 3rd Annual Entrepreneurial D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase! Don’t you D.A.R.E Miss This!

Don’t You D.A.R.E. Miss This! The D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase!


Kuala Lumpur – The D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase is back with its 3rd-annual entrepreneurial showcase and this time it will be hosted in Cyberjaya with the target of placing Cyberjaya in the map as the “Startup Capital of Malaysia”.

Ever since MAD Incubator moved to Cyberjaya, to take over the management of the MSC Malaysia Technology Commercialization Centre, many discussions arose of Cyberjaya being the ‘Silicon Valley’ of Malaysia. Over time, it has been seen how Cyberjaya has evolved into a hotbed for entrepreneurship at the MSC Malaysia Technology Commercialization Centre (MTCC). That is why the D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase 2013 has been fixed to be organized at Cyberjaya to make that happen, with its content and activities-rich event that combines business showcase, workshops, seminars, conferences, business networking and business matching.

D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase is an annual premier event that focuses on business startups. Following the succession of the Showcase in 2011 and 2012, D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase 2013 continues its third run in Cyberjaya with two days of intensive business startup showcase with high impact activities that promotes business opportunities, learning, knowledge gathering and investment opportunities in Cyberjaya.

D.A.R.E BizStart ShowcaseIt is an event that has entrepreneurs’ interest at heart. The D.A.R.E. philosophy, Dream, Accelerate, Realize and Empower; itself encompasses the processes that are most important to any entrepreneurs who are aspiring to start their own business ventures. D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase 2013 aims to promote the entrepreneurial mindset by bringing potential entrepreneurs closer to the resources they need, such as collaborators, suppliers and prospects. D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase is poised to be the one stop platform for entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs to obtain latest information, knowledge, skills, expanding their networks and looking for business opportunities.

The event will be organized in Knowledge Workers Development Centre (KDC) in Cyberjaya, on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2013, from 9:00am to 6:30pm, on both days.

Main objectives of the event are to showcase business startups and provide them with business opportunities through business matching and networking. It will be a learning platform for entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs to learn and upgrade their knowledge on entrepreneurship, soft skills and business knowledge that will help them overcome their business obstacles. In addition, it will also help in creating an entrepreneur eco-system that will support the development and growth of business ventures through collaboration, community and commerce.

Being one of the largest entrepreneurial events in Malaysia with more than 30 workshops, 5 seminars and 60 speakers speaking on various entrepreneurial and business topics. D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase 2013 is steeped in its traditional offering of workshops, exhibitions, conferences related to growth hacking, business and experts advisory, mentoring and coaching, effective marketing strategies, business showcasing and funding forum, business matching, speed dating, e-commerce and lots more; covering topics and themes such as franchising, entrepreneurship, soft skills development, entrepreneur ecosystem, digital entrepreneurship, mobile, e-commerce, ICT and lots more. The 3rd D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase this year is expected to attract more than 2000 visitors in Cyberjaya.

The end goal at the end of the day is to build a vibrant entrepreneur eco-system that converge technology and non-technology entrepreneurs in the hope of creating a vibrant marketplace for entrepreneurs to collaborate and trade together. It is an expanded vision that the D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase 2013 will be the biggest entrepreneur showcase and learning stage in Malaysia, as well as, throughout South East Asia.

It is also a need to build a vibrant community of business startups by creating opportunities through learning, knowledge acquisition, business network expansion and new business opportunities. Cyberjaya will have an annual premier event catering to Startups and the foundation of the Startup Capital of Malaysia is therefore laid.

For further clarification and information of the event, please do not hesitate to contact Kent Tan at +603-8311 9605 or via email at [email protected]


MAD Incubator was formed in 2009 with its mission to develop 1000 entrepreneurs in Malaysia achieving USD1mil by 2015 and have every entrepreneurs equipped with the tools, skills, knowledge and know-how to navigate their business challenges.

To-date, MAD has incubated more than 80 business ventures and is supporting more than 200 companies through its BizStart Program. It wants to democratize entrepreneurship by making entrepreneur assistance and incubation affordable for all entrepreneurs through MAD’s high value quality programs, mentoring, coaching and handholding services, as well as business facilities, networking opportunities, training workshops, facilitation on funding access, etc. For the past few years, MAD Incubator has worked out the following initiatives:

(a) Entrepreneur Circle Program
(b) Ideas Acceleration Program
(c) MAD TechVentures
(d) D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase
(e) Technopreneur Open Day (TOD)

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