Richard Brandson, Catherine Blackbee

The Best Marketing Campaigns and the Worst

Generating marketing campaigns and getting the name of a business out there into a crowded market is no longer as simple as pasting up a poster on a wall or advertising on top television spots. The best marketing campaigns and efforts from various companies have evolved across the ages, where marketeers working with entrepreneurs and organisations are struggling to think of the best strategies to leave a meaningful message for their potential customers.


Sir Richard Branson can be hailed as the Marketing Guru for viral marketing, as his promotions towards the iconic Virgin brand has been historically, very unconventional. Though, many of his promotional campaigns are best remembered by both fans and critics alike as ‘Out of the Box’ or just plain ‘Outrageous’, Sir Richard did make his mark by cementing a solid Virgin brand which is both Fun and Meaningful to its consumers.

Best Marketing Campaigns

However, would other brands like Nike, McDonalds, Starbucks fare off the same way?

A compilation by clearly states the Best and Worst Marketing Campaigns ever done by Companies and How Entrepreneurs and Businesses could Learn from Them and Avoid the Bad Ones which Did Not Go Too Well with Customers.


Best Marketing Campaigns & Worst Marketing Campaigns