The Art of Pitching Your Ideas

Entrepreneur tends to have 2 main flaw. One is they love ideas and tends to over value them.
Secondly, they tend to be extremely passionate about their own idea. Being passionate is not a bad thing. In fact you want some of your passion rub off to the person you are pitching to. The problem arises when you spend too much time pitching your ideas. Here are some times that will be able to help you improve your pitch.

Keep in short, sweet and simple.
When you pitch, you should have only 1 or two lines at most covering what your idea is about. Anything more than that is confusing. Be aware with all the distractions, most people have a very short attention span.

Every pitch is a practice.
Even is you are pitching to actual investors, treat every pitch as a practice. It helps you to remove the pressure of pitching and also helps you to evolve your pitch.

No harm pitching to everyone.
In his book Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell details down successful people are merely people who spends a lot of time doing the same thing and horning their skills. This is called the 10000 hours rules. Learn pitch to everyone at any time.

Watch Dragon’s Den.
Learn from the best what are some of the best pitches around and incorporate how they pitch in your own.

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