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THANK YOU for Supporting Entrepreneurs and to Celebrate Entrepreneurship in Malaysia

Many of you whom are loyal readers of, we would like to thank you! It is because of your continued visits that this site still exists since being launched in 2008. We aim to become the No.1 Resource Site to Impact Malaysian Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Young Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups in the most positive way and we are touched to hear back from some of you and have introduced some new initiatives. 

  • A few Start-Ups’ Futures were Changed Forever When They Appeared on

It wasn’t too long ago that we published an article about a young entrepreneur who had made us proud overseas, where his humble venture, revolutionizing the way how we put pictures into frames are being done digitally. His name of course was Ray Beh from Frambie, and he is our proud winner of the Singapore Young Entrepreneur Awards 2012. What was most exciting for us was we got a chance to catch up with Ray just a few days ago and the young entrepreneur from Penang shared that he had received numerous calls from government agencies, possible funding and expansion opportunities for his start-up. Amazing! Some of them did refer to him that they got the news from’s coverage here. Congratulations again to Ray and we wish him all the best for both Malaysia and Singapore!

On another note, we had just featured the ground-breaking story of‘s Malaysian office being opened in the heart of KL, and we did receive positive feedbacks from the Malaysian representatives about how we were one of the earliest to push out the news and get some attention through our posting here towards their revolutionary food delivery business online. Again, great effort to the team!

These are just a few examples of entrepreneurs who strive to go forward with their businesses, while at the same time, being willing to share their news and updates with us here in And there are many more out there whom we would like to thank as well for making what it is today.

  • A Hub for PR Agencies to Contact Us for Entrepreneurs-related News

Over the past few weeks, when we reviewed our ‘Content Management’ principles and decided to publish more articles which are timely and showcase more start-ups in Malaysia, we were grateful and could not be more thankful when one of our staff had to attend to his phone daily, as PR agencies were calling us to release details of the events and stories of entrepreneurs from Malaysia. Again, this would not have been possible without the visitors and readers like you all.


YOU make the stories here in and we are humbled to be able to serve as a PR hub for some of you, to get more noticed in the traditional print media out there. Perhaps one day, we may publish our own magazines too. Perhaps one day…

  • A Portal for Entrepreneurship-related Resources for University and College Students

Since we have revamped our Content Management policies, we are beginning to see younger and younger budding entrepreneurs, students and the youths in general, visiting our website to get information and to stay updated with the latest news in start-ups and entrepreneurship. Before we know it, we have received emails to our Editor’s account from students who wanted more information on some of our featured start-ups and have also asked for internship opportunities with some of them.

For us personally, we were glad that in Malaysia we do have these very proactive bunch who would go beyond conventional means to reach out and connect with the right platforms to create employment opportunities or to launch their own businesses by themselves. But what really touched us most with the founding team was, every referrals we have done, it would have potentially created job opportunities or provided a new student start-up with access to economic resources which they may not have, once before.


Again, thank you to our loyal visitors, and we must mention, from, all the youths on Facebook, all the members on Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia’s Group and also other youth-related Facebook pages and Twitter personalities who have been so kind to share our content with their followers. We would like to thank you because we have been receiving emails, and though random by some, we would try to help them, because they came from you.

  • Open-Sourcing Our Archives and to Help You Get Your Entrepreneurial Stories Out There to the Public

We have achieved our consistent base of visitors because of the belief and confidence that you have all invested with us, and we THANK YOU! So, after a meeting just a few days ago, the Content Management team has agreed to Open-Source our archives and to welcome your news about Entrepreneurship-related activities, events or even for you to promote your start-up stories with us.

On the Look for Entrepreneurship Stories, Your Start-Up Ideas and Lessons, to be shared with 15,000 Readers Per Month

We would welcome your contributions to our site, so that your start-up news, business idea, entrepreneurship events or organisations would get the attention from the right crowd; Entrepreneurs, Businesses, SMEs and Students alike.

We could not have reached this level without you all and THANK YOU!

More details will be released soon on how you can become a contributor to, as our line-ups are already full until May. Yes, we will be bringing you more start-ups stories, from launches to successes, from know-hows to practical interviews, and from funding to mentoring opportunities.

Stay tuned everyone and thank you again for the continued support!