Tefo’s Confessions: Understanding Wealth and Relationships in Business from Your Destiny – Part 2

Our resident writer, Tefo was invited to attend the Joey Yap’s ‘Decoding Your Destiny’ talk in KLCC recently. As Tefo herself recalls the main points that the world renowned Malaysian Feng Shui consultant had shared with the crowd in the packed halls of KLCC, she soon realized that the elements of Feng Shui may have an impact or would have already impacted lives and the progress of businesses, especially in the Asia context. In Tefo’s own words, she takes us through her journey of learning.

Understanding the impact of Your Destiny’s blueprint towards your Relationship and Wealth accumulation and successful track records in business.



The BaZi chart will help you choose relationships based on compatibility; choosing people who will be useful in your life and have something to offer you.

“If you choose someone who isn’t compatible, you’ll spend the rest of your life trying to fix them.” Print out your BaZi chart and your partner’s chart and find out if they are compatible with you; not just based on their personalities or the similarities you share; but based on their charts and their usefulness to you; if any.

“Opposites do attract sometimes,” said Joey Yap. The chart can also help you resolve matters in the relationship by presenting ways to go about it. Their Day Master is the determinant of how to go about fixing issues in the relationship. Always go back to what started the relationship and take it from there.

Activate important days in your lives; as interpreted from the BaZi chart; to deal with issues in your household, family and relationships. Similarly, in choosing friends, it’s best to have their BaZi charts at hand to see if it will be a fruitful friendship or otherwise. You may not have an intelligent star in your chart, but a friend that has it in their charts, can awaken something in you and teach you something. Choose wisely.

“You have two choices in life. Be useful or be useless. Choose right. Be useful to someone’s life and become better. Become better, and your status elevates” Joey Yap

It’s important to note that “your spouse is a choice you make. Not your destiny. Choose right.”


Wealth stems from the talent aspect of your life. The chart will help you discover your hidden talents and you have to nurture them to be great in them, and only then can you acquire wealth. Joey stressed that “choosing the wrong path makes it difficult to achieve wealth.” Analyze your BaZi profile strengths and see what suits you best and you’ll be happier and successful and find it easy to acquire wealth.

The lesson I learnt was that one does not always have to start from scratch. Especially in business. You can buy an already existing investment and work from there. However, your BaZi chart will help you determine the best type of investment for you. Are you a long-term or short-term investor? It’s always advisable to start early.

As an entrepreneur, are you working ON your business or IN it? There’s a difference.

If you plan to pursue a certain path, yet lack some skills, find the suitable people who possess such skill and go into partnership with. How would you know if they are right or not? Print their BaZi charts and find their compatibility.

Top quotes by Joey Yap from the seminar;

  1. Ultimately, it’s not the money that counts; but that you are happy and useful to people.
  1. Nothing happens overnight. You need to learn and perfect the skill. You do not get rich overnight.
  1. Discover the problems that are stopping you from achieving your goals and work on them.
  1. Your life only changes when something new comes into your life.
  1. To start a better life, start making better decisions. But you only make better decisions when your options are good; and the BaZi chart offers better options. Use the BaZi chart to change the options you have to influence your decisions.

Ultimately, this was a day well spent; full of life lessons and priceless advise. There was so much to take from this day, and as a motivational and inspirational quotes’ junkie, I got my high.

We have what it takes to change our lives for the better; and it all starts with adjusting our attitudes, personality and the way we think, and everything else will fall into place.

Have control over the aspects of our lives that are within our control and make informed decisions about who we choose to have and accommodate in our lives and who we want to be in future. Use the BaZi chart to map your future.

Attend one of Joey Yap seminars; and that will be the best decision you’ve made all year. If I were to write all the lessons I learnt on Joey Yap’s Decoding Your Destiny seminar, I’d eventually come up with a dictionary-thick article. Besides, its always best taken from the horse’s mouth.

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