Standing Out

Tefo’s Confessions: The Feng Shui Impact on Your Talents to Succeed – Part 1

Our resident writer, Tefo was invited to attend the Joey Yap’s ‘Decoding Your Destiny’ talk in KLCC recently. As Tefo herself recalls the main points that the world renowned Malaysian Feng Shui consultant had shared with the crowd in the packed halls of KLCC, she soon realized that the elements of Feng Shui may have an impact or would have already impacted lives and the progress of businesses, especially in the Asia context. In Tefo’s own words, she takes us through her journey of learning.

I had the honor of attending the “Decoding your Destiny” 2012 Seminar by Joey Yap on Sunday the 10th June in KLCC. First off, I must admit I had to do a bit of research about Feng Shui and BaZi prior to the seminar just to get a bit of insight as to what to look forward to. Regardless to say, the man of the event, Mr Joey Yap, who by the way, is the leading Feng Shui, BaZi and Face reading consultant in Asia, did a great job at introducing both these concepts and ensuring that everyone in the audience was up to speed with the detail of the seminar.

Firstly, the reception was amazing. I was personally ushered to my seat in the spacious Plenary Hall which consists of a 3000 tiered seating over 2 levels. The lower level, which consists of 2000 seats, was filled to capacity and a bit of the balcony seating was also occupied.

I have never been to such a well attended seminar before, so this just went on to show the following that Mr Yap has and the great rewards one stands to reap off from attending his seminars. His delivery was quite impressive and his sense of humor on point. This was my first Joey Yap seminar and definitely the beginning of many others to come.

I found the seminar to be inspiring and an eye opener. One particular phrase used throughout the event was that “Awareness brings change” which was actually a challenge for one to realize that they have control over what happens in their life.

Although we may not have control over external influences such economy, timing and events; we have total control over our personalities, our thinking patterns and our talents. We have control over our internal luck. So we may choose to fix these aspects of our lives and consequently see the world from a different perspective and react better to our external luck; which we have no control over.

Change and fix yourself to suit the type of person you want to be with and not the other way round. Evaluate yourself; is your personality an asset or a liability? Realize that your happiness has everything to do with the way you think.

The seminar focused on 3 major aspects: Relationships, Wealth and Talent.


One issue to highlight, as being addressed by Joey Yap, was that of talent; which was actually my favorite issue to explore. He highlighted that everyone has a talent that they need to discover early and awaken the skills within. “Practice makes perfect; Horne your skill or your talent becomes un-awakened.”

He also emphasized on that by learning and pursuing the field in which you are talented, presents an opportunity for you to be great at it.

With regard to our BaZi chart; it’s meant to help us know our strengths and help us make informed decisions. It offers better options that aide in decision making and creating one’s luck and decoding their destiny. The chart helps one find what it is they are potentially good at and encourages them to maximize on that aspect.

It is to my opinion that the best years for one to start looking into the BaZi is early years, before one actually selects a career. The chart will help them find their strengths and help determine which path they are to choose in their early years.

To be continued next week on the 11th of July, Wednesday, where Tefo speaks with Joey Yap about the influence of Your Destiny towards your Wealth and Relationships, which are important elements for success in business and life.