Albert Eisntein

Tefo’s Confession: Things that Young Entrepreneurs Should Think of When Setting Goals and Dreams

A lot of us want to be entrepreneurs all for the wrong reason; and that is to be rich and have a social status. And it is to my belief that this hinders the potential success to the business one is trying to operate as these goals will lead to one taking shortcuts to making money fast.

If you do not enjoy 1st what you are doing, your business will never grow because you are doing it out of obligation, not passion or drive. I read on one blog last week that a 25yr old was promoted to be a general manager for a region and was selected from a group of PhD and Master’s Degree holders some of whom had years and years of managerial experience; and all because he was more driven and passionate about his job. So with or without experience anything you put your heart and mind to will succeed;

IF AND ONLY IF MONEY ISNT THE MAJOR PRIORITY. Yes we all want money; but truth is we’ll never have enough money in life, so why not aim for something more fulfilling; passion in helping provide employment and providing a service and having fun at it too?

A mini conversation I had sometime back prompted me to come up with this post. How do dreams and goals relate to one another? Does one need the other to be successful of they can each be categorized as independent entities of each other? Can a dreamer do without goals? Can one do with just goals and no dreams?

So I posted a status update that went:

‎”The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.” – Nolan Bushnell

A Facebook friend responded;

Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump speculate the difference between a dream and a goal and the process of achieving a goal. Many have dreams like (Rolls Royce Phantom is my dream car) and this becomes a stressor, to have it means there is a process of making the dream come true which includes cost, fuel consumption, purpose and do you really need that?

My response;

We all have dreams; different as they may be, for you to actually have a goal, you must have a dream that you want to turn into reality… and if you are serious about achieving this dream you will need to set goals that will guide you to that dream… now it all goes back to what kind of dream yours is. Some dream of being something and someone that makes a change in the society; being a businessman; being an inspiration; being a success story.

That is the major dream… dreaming of a Rolls Royce is a side dream… we all have those but those don’t dictate the path we want to take or who we want to be in life… then it all boils down to what is your definition of success? Is it money, power, status; overall material possession? Or is it a higher purpose of self-actualization? Something that will make you content? A better person you’ve always wanted to be?

Because if it’s all about money and flashy cars; then you will never be satisfied? Does it mean until you drive a Rolls; regardless of where you are in life; you are still a no-achiever? Then you’ll never fully be happy… there are priority goals and those that add bonus to them.

A lot of people work hard their entire lives to be rich, to attain some status in the society, a certain type of lifestyle and power and popularity. And it is to my belief that if these are what you aim for in life, you will never truly be happy. You will never have enough money in your life. You will never have enough of anything. Even if you do, with those riches come a submarine-load of trouble and responsibility and a whole lot of stress and sleepless nights and the urge to keep working even harder to ensure your money is kept safe and spent accordingly and invested wisely.

Truth is even as a millionaire, you would still want to be a billionaire, and a trillionnaire. It is how it is because there can never be enough money. Cars change. I may dream of a Porsche today and work extra hard to afford it and by the time I can afford, there’s a better car that I have to work towards affording. Even if I do afford it, I will never be satisfied with just that one car.

My point is: we should work for something a lot more meaningful and fulfilling, a bigger purpose… see the bigger picture. It’s about you. Where you want to be and how you are getting there. Working to the best of your abilities to achieve the highest level of self-actualization. Because when this is where you are headed, even if you are not there yet, just the thought of it makes you content and keeps you going. Because this is a fixed goal.

Yes in the process you will get money. but that is just a bonus. Don’t get me wrong; I do need money too to actually achieve these goals, but it is not the center of my world. it does not dictate my path. But I need it and cannot do without it. I just choose to define my happiness from a different perspective and seek a different meaning from life.

I just choose to define success in a way that does not mean that I am a nobody; an underachiever until I have reached my goals; BECAUSE IN BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR FINISH LINE (GOALS) IS LIFE. And you have to live it whether or not you choose to. And what you experience along the way and how you handle it determines whether or not you will reach the finish line.

One of the things that may get in the way of people being lifelong learners is that they’re not in touch with their passion. If you’re passionate about what it is you do, then you’re going to be looking for everything you can to get better at it.” Jack Canfield